Drums of War

Every major war was presaged by a period of bellicose intransigence and demonization of the enemy. The “yellow press”, as it was called in McKinley’s days, ensured that the American public supported a war on Spain. From there, it was up to Teddy Roosevelt’s ambition to project power that transformed America into the police force of the world.

Today, a hundred years later, we are being bombarded with this notion that war is the only moral imperative. There are many others who share my outrage at the morally bankrupt leadership that is spreading the war virus. Ed Curtin makes a compelling case.

What if the people of the world could decide on whether to go to war or not? Instead of the well-paid and well-fed bribed and blackmailed politicians having the final word, imagine if the people of say, the United States, could log into their citizen account (yet to be created) and make their will known.

Taking it a step further, imagine if the people could recall, impeach, decommission  political leaders who went against the people’s will? There would be no more wars.

Fantasy? Not in an age where transparency is replacing the Hegelian Dialectic as the coin of the realm. The old formula of action-reaction-solution is no longer working – not when independent journalism is replacing the presstitutes. People are no longer buying the official narrative. For example, over 80% of American now believe they were lied to about 9/11. An increasing percentage know who facilitated 9/11. And this is just the American public.

China, Russia, Iran and Europe know precisely who was behind 9/11.

War is the ultimate distraction for the miscreants who use nations like toilet paper to advance their agenda, and none do it better than Ziocons – a mixture of inbred Khazarians with the refinement of a badly scripted Mel Brooks movie.  Their slap-stick humor is as badly executed as their war plans.

All references to Judeo-Christian eschatology aside, the signs are all around us. When glamor is used for diplomacy …

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 12.10.23 PM

… when sanctions (by a state that is actively destabilizing numerous regions around the world) are used to punish non-compliant countries, when inordinate projection of force is located at the borders of enemies, know that we are months, if not weeks away from all-out war.





By now, you must have heard that Trumpolicious stated that the purpose of the US military in Syria is to take down ISIS. RT is one outlet that can be trusted, and we presume they have vetted the story.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. The US military is not in Syria to defeat ISIS. In fact, the US and Israel have been consistently arming and funding ISIS, even nursing ISIS fighters in Israeli hospitals. The American people are, once again, being duped into a matrix of lies, just as they were with 9/11. If they can lie about that, they can lie about anything.

The real reason the US military is in Syria is to commit ethnic cleansing with collateral damage in indiscriminate bombings, and do so at the behest of Israel. The other reason US forces are digging into Syria is to depose Assad, according to Tillerson.

Did Trump not promise in his campaign to end interventionism, regime change and bring the troops back?

Is not the duty of every citizen to hold a President’s feet to the fire, to hold him to his promises? Yes or no? So why aren’t Americans storming the White House protesting these wars of aggression? What are we doing in Somalia, Niger, Yemen, Afghanistan?

Why are Americans kissing this President’s lard butt? When in the hell are we going to take our country back? Where is your outrage? Why are you allowing yourself to be distracted with mass shootings, crisis actors and miscreant sheriffs who wouldn’t know how to save their own mother? Why do you not protest warrant-less searches or asset forfeiture? Why are you not demanding answers to 9/11?

Why are people without security clearances, like Jared Kushner, privy to classified intelligence? What happened to the rule of law and protocols?

Why do you keep buying this false duality of right and left, when the national debt keeps going through the roof and wars keep raging, no matter what party is in power? Why aren’t you demanding election reform? Why isn’t anyone being indicted from the Clinton-Comey camp? What deals have they cut with this administration? Why don’t you demand these people be polygraphed, at the very least? Because with these criminals your Silence is your Consent. Bank on it.

And you have the nerve to post pro-Trump Tweets, like he was your God! Shame on you! His oath was to protect, preserve and defend the Constitution, and he has FAILED!

This is America!!!! Not a Banana Republic!!!!!

Maybe when they haul your dead son or nephew from Syria you will wake up.




Unedited & Unplugged – My Take on Trump’s Comment about DUE PROCESS

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 10.46.05 AM

The man in the White House is the People’s public servant. Don’t you ever forget that. To make my point, I replied to a close friend – not a best friend – who had written me this:

“I still believe Trump is independent of the secret combinations strangling our govt. He wants to be loved and has a ego the size of mt Rushmore, which means he does some stuff that is crap to appease the Washington elite crowd but overall I see him as separate from the inside baseball secret combination crowd.

I am well aware you don’t agree.”

Here is my response (and bear in mind we are both LDS and even attended church together):

“I like that he is a shit-disturber and outside of the beltway establishment. That’s where my like for Trump ends.

I think you are missing my point here and I can’t figure out why.

Apart from his affiliations with the ziocons that have now established permanent bases in Syria with a view of ousting Assad and are in the process of starting a regional war as we speak…..

Apart from his interventionism in Somalia, Yemen, Niger & Afghanistan (he has fired more drones in Somalia in his first year than Obama did in 8 years)……

Apart from his new National Security Strategy that calls for preemptive nuclear strikes in conventional warfare, which opens a Pandora’s box that can never be closed…..

Apart from wanting to establish a Private Spy Agency with the help of Mike Pompeo & Erik Prince (brother of Betsy Devos and founder of Blackwater)……which has to be the most asinine idea ever…..

Let’s discount any of the above, and I am 100% certain you see absolutely nothing wrong with any of the above. But, let’s give Trump some slack and discount all of the above flip-flops from his campaign promises….of giving us a gov that was ‘of by and for the people’….(his pure horse shit rhetoric).

Did he or did he not take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution? Does that remotely mean anything to you?

Does that oath at all figure in your evaluation of a President’s performance? Because it seems to me that many Americans couldn’t give a ****** if he keeps his oath of office.

And you seem to be one of those Americans.

Because, for the life of me I can’t figure out why it is that when a President signs into law a Bill that allows for warrant-less searches and spying on Americans you don’t react. Can’t you see that they are slowly boiling the frog? Don’t you see that slowly they want to control the population by normalizing what the early Americans fought and bled for? Do you know that ICE is asking for ID papers now in bus stops? Nazis did that. Do you know that by 2020 you won’t be able to board an interstate flight without REAL ID?

The 4th Amendment has been shredded to pieces and all you can come up with is “he is not part of the deep state!” ?????? What am I missing here????????

When he promotes asset forfeiture not just on a national but international level, why is it that guys like you just spout: “he is not part of the deep state?” What kind of BULLSHIT answer is that? My blood boils when I see this happening and you people twiddle your thumbs and say: ‘so what?’

This is one crime syndicate taking over from another crime syndicate except Trump is wrapping himself in the American flag with job creation and token tax and immigration reform. Hitler did the same. He invented the Volkswagen and Fanta soft drink while he was squeezing German liberties.

The perpetual wars continue and the debt keeps piling sky-high. Can’t you see it’s the same BS under a different banner?

When he is for detention without due process (he won’t repeal the Patriot Act and dozens of other un-Constitutional Obama EO’s) …..

When he keeps dual (Israeli) citizens in government, and fires missiles into Syria without an independent fact-finding mission ……

When he suddenly calls for a Cold War on Russia and China …..

Why is it that guys like you always come back with: “but he is not part of the deep state”?


HE DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION!!! He hasn’t answered a single petition on the White House web site. That should give you a clue. He was from the get-go a bullshit artist.

He fed us all the patriotic lines during the election and delivered on some of the promises that benefit his wealthy friends.

If you can’t see it …….. I can’t help you.

A president who breaks his oath of office to preserve, protect & defend the Constitution comes into God’s cross-hairs as do all Americans who won’t call him out on it. And this is why America will be swept away like a bad dream…. just you wait and see.

I’ve worked around some of the best bullshitters, but Trump is King.”

The problem is not that there is evidence Trump has gone sideways, but that the People refuse to see it. It is a form of cognitive dissonance, as was 9/11. Their minds cannot admit that they were fooled by people they trusted to tell them the truth.

Let me just add this: I supported Trump during the election. If you want to see my memes – pro-Trump and anti-Hillary – go to election2016memes.zohosites.com

I know who Trump appeals to. He appeals to the 401(k) crowd that cares about only one thing: a rising stock market. Because most of them are baby-boomers about to kick the bucket and couldn’t give a rat’s behind about the Constitution. All they care about is a roof over their head and big fat steaks when they retire. They represent about 10% of the population.

He also appeals to the clueless millions who still believe that 9/11 was the product of Arab terrorists. These are the people who will buy whatever the government sells as the official story. To them it’s unpatriotic to question authority.  This is why we are still in Afghanistan.

He also appeals to the Christian Right. These folks think that just because a man, who has never prayed to God for forgiveness, holds a Bible in his hand and sits in a church pew once a year or holds prayers in the White House, he is called of God, irrespective of his nine-month affair to a porn star, who his lawyer paid hush-money to.

[And just let this sink in: the affair happened in 2016, during the election, while Drumpf was married to one of the most beautiful women in the world.]

Trump knows how to rally that Christian mindset by spewing their favorite sound-bites: “we are one nation under God, our money has on it In God We Trust”. You get the drift. Except, he doesn’t understand one very seminal truth: his three-way contract when he took his oath of office was with God and the American People. For his failure to protect, preserve and defend the Constitution to the best of his ability, the prayers going up to God are not being honored. God cannot be fooled. Instead of blessings and protection, God turns the prayers into curses. So watch what happens now to Trump’s life.

He also appeals to the shareholders of defense industry stocks and Israel-First-and-Foremost pseudo Americans. As long as Trump beats the drums of war, they love him. War is good for business. Greater Israel is even better for business.

And so the cycle repeats itself. The Book of Mormon is a rear view mirror of what happens to nations when they are infiltrated by bandits, cabals, and secret societies. I can guarantee you America will have it’s butt handed to her on a silver platter after all is said and done. The Israeli-Iranian stand-off is only a prelude. Once Russia and China enter the theater, it’s lights-out.

A preemptive strike on North Korea is also imminent after the Olympics. Do you really think China is going to just sit back after that, after its puppet state has been hit?

Israel (Netanyahu specifically) is being boxed in. He faces an indictment. Khazarians know only one thing: conquest at any price. Peace for them is a waste of time and resources. This is why the Lord called them The Synagogue of Satan. They wrap themselves in religiosity. This is what most people miss: the camouflage of the wolves in sheep’s clothing. They also know how to use the Samson option if need be: they’ll take down with them as many nations possible as they go under. And America, the shiksa, will be no exception, not after USS Liberty and 9/11. These were warm-ups to test the public’s sleep state induced by decades of MSM propaganda.

The good news is that the Savior’s Second Coming is imminent and at the doors. When Iran is obliterated and China steps in to attack Israel, expect his return in all his glory.  He will come as a thief in the night. The world will be drinking and eating and marrying like it was 1999. It will happen just as it did with Noah’s flood.

This is why Lucifer, knowing his time is short, is on overdrive to promote his agenda of instant gratification with no consequences (for now), magical powers with no repercussions (for now), the aberration of traditional values, and lies, lots and lots of Alinsky lies – the ends justify the means – with no Karma to bite (for now) – a bit like credit card spending. And people are buying into this sham world view, even killing for it to get to top of the pyramid for some temporary fame and fortune – even bribing and blackmailing Congress to fight ZioCon wars.

It’s past midnight. And Americans are fast asleep. My heart weeps for them. They’ll never know what hit them. It also weeps for the rest of the world. If there is one show that puts it all in perspective it’s The Voice. If you watch episodes from all over the world, you will note that as humans we react the same to the successes and failures of our family members.

Whether it’s Angola, Vietnam, Russia, India, Israel, UK, France, Italy, Greece, China, you name the nation, we all experience the same feelings.

The arbitrary divisions are demonic in their origins, as are the calls to war.











You can spot a lazy, inconsiderate, unethical store manager when he/she fails to make the client feel special. That defines sub-standard.

Sub-human is one notch below sub-standard. This is where people are not only deprived of services, but also lied to about why services are being denied them. In short, the client is treated like a moron, like a commodity that doesn’t figure in at all in the overall picture: the company’s bottom line.

I experienced both sub-standard and sub-human treatment from the Subway staff located at 3895 Overland Ave, Culver City, California.

It began around 6:15 pm on February 6, 2018.

Seeing The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, next door, which has WiFi, was full I walked in the Subway and asked if they had WiFi. The girl told me the Coffee Bean’s WiFi reached their store. I ordered a six inch tuna subway, then plugged my laptop and logged on the internet. So far, so good.

I was facing the restroom door and noticed two homeless people walk in within a half hour interval. Shortly thereafter, the store manage, a twenty-something Latino with tattoos in his arms, placed an ‘Out of Order’ sign on the door.  I love Latinos and don’t want anyone giving them a bad name. I overheard the girl who had served me tell the manager: “so, you are shutting it down”. From what I could see when the door had opened, the restroom was clean and presentable. They were shutting it down so as not to allow people from off the street to use it.

There is a way to address the problem. Simply place a sign on the entrance that says “Restroom only for Customers” and for good measure, place another sign on the door of the restroom saying: “For paying customers only”. This would deter at least 50% of stragglers from using the restroom.

Shortly after, the manager went into the restroom with cleaning materials on hand to clean it up.

When it came time for me to use the restroom, the girl told me it was out of service, to which I replied it was not. I asked to speak to the manager. She told me there was phone number on the door I could call to complain.

The manager (who looked like death warmed over, straight out of a comic strip, at best like a former gang member) told me the same thing: “the restroom is out of service”. I told him there is nothing wrong with the restroom and I saw him place the sign to keep people from the street out.

He said it was dirty and out of use. I told him I saw him walk in to clean it.

He was running out of ammo, and blurted: “and besides, you have been in here far too long”.

That was the last straw. I told him I was a paying customer and he didn’t have the right to tell me how long I could stay in his store. Besides, a busy restaurant is a good sign for people looking in.

I walked out. Today, I lodged a formal complaint with Subway head office.

The reason scumbags like the above get away with stunts is because no one bothers to complain. America is being turned into a banana republic from the grass-root level.  The days when the customer was “King” (“Queen”) are over.

If I return to that store and see that douche bag again…well, I won’t tell you what will happen next.





Trump Report Card – February 7, 2018

The combined research and design represents +20hrs of work. Every President upon entering the White House should post her/his campaign promises online for the People to rate. We are entering an Era of People Power. We the People demand accountability, transparency and integrity. That’s all. Not much to ask for.





The Mind Map

This soup of tropes, cabals and conspiracies is what is referred to the great and Abominable Church, which will be destroyed at the coming for the Messiah (for the Jews) and the Second Coming of the Lord (for the Christians).

Lucifer has, by subterfuge and terror, been planning to usher in his own Luciferian age. To ensure he wins the battle, he has hedged his bets on multiple fronts, similarly to a craps-shooter hedging his bets.

Most notable is the ‘left’s’ proclivity to never admit wrongdoing. At all costs, they must deny, deflect, and distract. We are witnessing it with the illegal framing of a US President. [Not that I am enamored by Trump]. The non-duality ethos that all actions are admissible as long as they serve a higher purpose, this ideology that right and wrong actions have no bearing on the end game is the Luciferian credo that defies the universal laws of Karma, justice, mercy, crime and punishment. It is this helter-skelter, Alinsky kind of nihilism, where all that matters is the resistance to truth that is embodied by the socialist ‘left’ and, to some degree, by the capitalist ‘right’.

Capitalism does have its flaws. It divides the field between losers and winners. It is a survival of the fittest ideology that has no place for losers. Displaced workers is simply part and parcel of the capitalist system.

On the other hand, socialism robs people of creativity and risk-taking. It shelters and cocoons people from any kind of adversity. The option to fail, learn from one’s failures, re-tool and carry on do not figure in socialism. The sting of pain is eliminated, and so is the opportunity to learn from experience.

The middle-ground is hard to find. And Lucifer plays on that. When the Messiah returns we should be introduced to a new economy that allows both for personal growth and for safety nets. It has been said that Enoch’s society had no poor. Their evolved social order was not a function of material possessions, but of inner transformation, and their ability to feel with their hearts the plight of others. In the final analysis, it’s the inner transformation, not the outer circumstances, that matter.

For a detailed view of the Mind Map go here.



The 2nd Article Section 3 of the Constitution provides that the President apprise Congress of the State of the Union ‘from time to time’. In 1801, Jefferson ended the tradition of addressing Congress that was first started by Washington. He considered it too monarchical and similar to a Speech from the Throne. Instead he delivered it in writing and it was read to Congress by a clerk. [Jimmy Carter did the same after his defeat to Reagan.]

It wasn’t until 1913 that Woodrow Wilson resumed the practice. In 1922, Warren Harding, for the first time, delivered it by radio. And, in 1947, Harry Truman delivered the speech on black and white television.

There are two elements to a State of the Union. One is its choreography and pacing – what is mentioned first and what is left for the end, all designed to elicit a certain response from the public, which in turn affects the President’s polls, his agenda’s passage by the opposition, and his stature with his handlers and world leaders. The other element, which is entirely a function of the first, is the actual content, the nuts and bolts of the nation’s workings.

In many cases, the President’s speech is nothing more than elaborate window dressing to project the best possible image. Of all Presidential speeches, this one was meticulously screened and honed by speechwriters (in this case, notably, Stephen Miller, John Kelly, Herbert MacMaster) to ensure the President doesn’t go “loose cannon” like he did in his UN address by calling Kim Jong Un “rocket man”.  Kelly’s hand-in-face moment is still embedded in our memory.

We saw a much more subdued and measured Trump last night.  What we should be asking is: had the choreography not mattered, had the calculation to introduce to the world our most honored citizens not figured in,  had the speech been delivered absent of pep-rally overtones in a dispassionate ‘we have some good news and some bad news’ tone, what would it have sounded like?

This is the true measure of greatness: to state one’s successes and failures without equivocation or embellishment. This is what it means to give the People true transparency, a measure of full, true and plain disclosure, the ‘goods’. As Joe Friday would say: ‘just the facts ma’am’. This level of truth we will never find in modern day State of the Union speeches. It flies against everything modern politics stands for: the moral imperative of remaining in power for as long as possible. And, yet, transparency is the only measure of true greatness. It’s counter-intuitive, but a true principle.

If I was President of the United States (you should view my upcoming 250+ itemized Trump Report Card), I would start the State of the Union by delving into areas where we have missed the mark and are striving to make the most improvement.

Topping the list would be metrics on poverty. There is absolutely no reason for a nation with the resources and educational opportunities of America to be succumbing to the crippling effects of poverty. I’m no socialist. I believe in work, enterprise, and the cultivation of our God-given gifts and talents. Any job is an honorable job, rather than no job. At the same time, when the too big to fail banks are being bailed out or industries are being subsidized or the war-machine takes our young to be used as cannon-fodder to profit the 1% at the top or worse, promote a foreign agenda, I have zero compunction in asking that our most vulnerable have a roof over their head and sustenance until they are back on their feet. And in cases where they are wedged permanently out of the work force by extenuating circumstances, there should be safety nets in place.

What are the bad news?

  1. Our young are being sacrificed as a result of our hijacked foreign policy. My first priority would be to stop the carnage by taking back ownership of our foreign policy.
  2. The record number of people out of the Labor Force is irreversible as more baby boomers retire. Currently, there are 95,512,000 people out of the Labor Force, and, of those, 565,000 are homeless, a 11% drop from 2016, but still unacceptable.
  3. In 2017, there were an estimated 716,000 people who filed for bankruptcy as a result of not being able to pay their medical bills, a sizable drop from 1.5 million medical bankruptcies in 2010. While the Obamacare individual mandate was repealed with the last tax bill, it doesn’t come into effect until 2019, and the rest of Obamacare provisions are still in the books.
  4. Retail closures were up 200% in 2017. More are expected in 2018. How do we reverse the trend? Will Amazon absorb the rest of the retail sector? What did Trump say about this? Crickets.
  5. Foreclosures were up 58% in 2017 and the savings rate is at 5% for the 99%, and 38% for the 1%.
  6. The unemployment rate of 4% is suspect as it does not include people who have stopped looking for work. The real unemployment rate is more like 8%. Will everyone find a job in a car factory?
  7. Wall Street is not paying its fair share. A 1% tax on trading (derivatives included) should be imposed, which would result in, at the very least, a $3 Trillion boost to the budget.
  8. If I’m going to boast of job creation, I must reference previous years to give a true measure of my success. If in 2017 Trump created 2.05 million jobs (Bureau of Labor Statistics), we must also look at how many jobs were created in 2016 and 2015. The numbers are 2.2 million and 2.7 million, respectively. The trend is worrisome.
  9. In 2017, our trade deficit went from $48.8 Billion to $71.6 Billion. Container ships are leaving our shores empty. How do we compete with low overseas wages, if not with tariffs or a currency devaluation?
  10. With respect to Veterans Affairs, if I had been Trump, I would also have explained how my VA Secretary had tried to cut $460 Million from homeless veterans housing, unsuccessfully – and only after heated protests.

But the economy would only be the tip of the iceberg.  As President, my oath was to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution to the best of my ability. In the case of Trump, I would have to admit that I had failed miserably in that regard.

Trump allowed a Bill to pass that contravenes the 4th Amendment by allowing warrant-less searches and spying on Americans by the NSA. He is also very much in favor of asset forfeiture at the local police level, and wants to expand the practice to anyone whom the state deems a national security threat. That means if you are suspected of running counter to the official narrative, you could get a knock on the door at 3 am to have your home searched and your personal effects forfeited. Not to mention there exists the possibility of evidence being planted in your car or home that could result in your assets being forfeited. Furthermore, Pompeo and the brother of Trump’s Secretary of Education, who is also the founder of Blackwater, Erik Prince, with Trump’s blessing, want to install a private spy agency.

Detention without due process is still in effect, under the Patriot Act, which expires in June 2018. Recall, Trump promised ‘unsigning’ (his word, not mine) Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders in his first hour in office. That remains to be seen. He also promised he would be the ‘voice of the People’. As things stand, not a single petition on WhiteHouse.gov has been addressed. You would expect the President to account for such apathy.

Again, the President took an oath before God (whom he candidly invokes to stoke the Christian right, arguably the only base he has left) and the American People to vouchsafe the Constitution. This is not a light matter. Not in God’s opinion. For most Americans, who can’t even remember how many Articles and Sections the Constitution contains, it’s not a big deal as long as job numbers are looking good. China has jobs, but we don’t want to move to China. Enough said.

Apart from Constitutional issues, I would also explain to the People how I had not kept some of my campaign promises. For example:

He promised zero taxes for individuals earning less than $25,000 and for couples earning less than $50,000. As the new tax law stands, with standard deductibles, zero taxes are enjoyed by individuals earning less then $12,000 and couples earning less than $24,000. It’s a 100% improvement from 2016, but still not quite what was promised.

And most notably, his promise of non-interventionism is out the window, as is his promise to find common ground and cooperate with Russia – although sources report that he is playing two board games at the same time. Behind the curtains, purportedly, he is pushing for a grand economic reset with Putin’s and Xi’s cooperation. We shall see. I would explain why we are intruding in Ukrainian politics, why we are still in Afghanistan after 16 years (if not to protect the poppy fields), why we are unleashing terror with a record number of drone strikes in Somalia and Yemen, why we are in Niger, why we demand Assad step down, why we are establishing an uninvited permanent presence in Syria (and at whose behest), why we are interfering in Iran’s politics (and would we accept the same if it was pointed at us), why we are accusing Russia or Assad of instigating chemical weapons attacks without independent fact-finding missions, why we set up a permanent base in Israel, why we endorse Israel-first pledges in order for Hurricane relief to arrive, why we employ dual citizens in government, why we allocate a sizable portion of our military budget exclusively to Israeli-US military cooperation, why 9/11 is not re-opened, why the USS Liberty was attacked, why are we not indicting Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and the rest of the subversives, and finally, why we are not polygraphing perpetrators.

Most disturbing were his comments about North Korea. He holds himself out as the President who will fix what previous administrations couldn’t or wouldn’t fix. With our disproportionately overpowering military presence in the Korean Peninsula and the new National Security Strategy that advocates nuclear strikes in conventional warfare little is left to the imagination.

An image comes to mind in light of the choreography I witnessed last night. It is that of a pimp assuring his whore that all is well, that she will still enjoy the pimp’s protection, her trinkets and the company of many more rich clients, even when her freedom is not her own.

In this case, the pimp is the ZioCon cabal that has hijacked our foreign policy. Even in FDR’s days, the same choreography existed. FDR was complicit in creating the destitution of the market crash that helped democrats resolve with the New Deal.

Trump gets full marks in many areas, just not the areas that count most.

[Footnote: Any gains Trump made in his #SOTU were negated by falsely claiming his speech was the most watched in history. The man simply does not factor in the public’s fact-checking proclivity in an age of whistle blowers and news flashes.]



Twitter Censorship 2.0

By now, you should have heard about how Twitter uses algorithms to shut down certain topics, hashtags and, ultimately, accounts. Today, I discovered that I can’t Re-Tweet or Tweet. I can only reply to Tweets posted on my timeline. Some cold-blooded peon is taking orders from very high up decision makers.

My first account (@zip90210) was also permanently suspended without any warning, probation, suggestions or cautions. The reason given: I broke Twitter’s rules (which change with the weather). That account had climbed from 50 followers in early 2015 to 9,500+ followers in October 2016, thanks primarily to team work. I belonged to 15 groups each with 20-30 members, who re-tweeted each others’ tweets. By Occtober 2016, I was registering over 6 million impressions per month.

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 2.34.39 AM

You wonder who might be behind this Gestapo tactic. I have a pretty good idea. It’s the Obama cabal comprised of Loretta Lynch, Valerie Jarrett, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and James Comey…just to name a few of the more prominent members. Don’t forget Lynch even asked for blood in the streets in this epic video, in which she has the effrontery to invoke the Founding Fathers in typical Communist wrapped-in-the-flag fashion.  Because that is the only way they can sell their message, by hijacking true and honored values. The gaslighting on their part has no end. They cannot exist if they have not lied about something. It is the nature of evil: to deceive, to divert, to to distract. And this is the least of their faults. Let’s not get into the pedophilia, the witchcraft, the murders, the plunder and torture.

Soros is a mastermind behind the screwing of America. And nothing is being done about him. Trump called him a threat to our national security during the election. Why are these people still roaming free?

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 2.47.42 AM

The black hate groups have woken up. They know it’s the Democratic Party that wants to keep them poor and destitute in order to dangle carrots in front of them every four years. This is the only way the powerful in the Democratic party can get into power: by solving problems after they created them. This is the same party that voted against the emancipation of slaves, and founded the KKK, which went on to support Hillary Clinton.

But above and beyond the Democratic parasitic party, we have the Republican wing of the rabid bird, which is interested only profits at the expense of the masses. They will trim the fat to fatten their wallets, not to benefit the economy. Their donors, primarily the military industrial complex, which funds both sides of the aisle, require wars to make ends meet.

In this cacophony of voices, Twitter seems to currently favor Trump, because my messages have been considerably critical of Trump. You see, I couldn’t give a rat’s behind about the Republicans or the Democrats. I look at simply one barometer: is the Constitution being upheld, defended, protected and preserved? That is the great litmus test. And, for my money, neither party is upholding the Constitution. Neither party is trimming the national debt, and both parties are willing to squander blood and treasure to show favor to some apartheid state the size of New Jersey. But that’s a topic for another discussion.




IDLIB: The Smoking Gun

There seems to be this perception that anytime the US launches a military operation it is to ‘liberate oppressed’ people and ‘spread democracy’.

Let’s not forget that there are 3 Generals in the White House, and that Trump has given Generals a blank check to take necessary actions that will protect our ‘national interests’.

What is happening at Idlib should provide all the proof to make the case that wars are a racket to enrich the arms manufacturers, who represent the biggest donor class in control of US foreign policy. Turkey is using Idlib to launch aerial attacks on the Kurds, while the US uses it to arm the Kurds.

The US is arming Turkey (a NATO nation gone rogue, since it is not under attack) that is fighting the Kurds – not within Turkey’s borders – but within Syria’s borders, while ISIS (paid mercenaries) are being armed by the US to topple Assad. And who gave Trump the orders to topple Assad? Was it the American People? Is Assad threatening to attack the US?

Israel, of course, wants Iran out of Syria and in order to do that big brother – the US – to do the dirty work. And if Saudi Arabia wants immunity from US aggression – especially given the US dollar’s very tenuous position on the international markets – then it must toe the line and invest blood and treasure in protecting Israel from Iran. This is why Trump called the new King of Saudi Arabia “our man”.  Let’s not discount Israel sharing intelligence with Saudi Arabia.

Saddam Hussein was also armed by the US when he was still perceived as a useful dictator. Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11. The purported terrorists possessed Saudi passports. One would think that the US would attack Saudi Arabia, but that would be messy since the Saudis promise to trade oil in US dollars (the petrol-dollar). The last thing the US needs is the value of its dollar to deflate. Saddam’s crime was his announcement to start trading oil in Euro’s. This was considered to be his only weapon of mass destruction, which required his removal. After his military apparatus was all but extinguished, the US stepped in again to arm the newly formed Iraqi government. Again a win-win for the military industrial complex.

Ron Paul discusses the Idlib fiasco in greater detail here.

I would not be surprised if Trump, after having armed SA to the teeth, to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars (to the delight of the military industrial complex), and after the pertol-dollar takes a dive, he doesn’t release the cryptic 28 pages that incriminate Saudi Arabia in 9/11, and declare war on Saudi Arabia. Iraq revisited. Only this time, the US takes over the oil fields. This is the kind of long-term planning only the most conniving of think-tanks could envision.

The Saudi purge only exacerbates the King’s headaches. The billions of dollars he has extorted from billionaires deemed to be potential threats to his regime, will come back to haunt him. Mercenaries fight for the highest bidder. So far, Saudi has been paying his hothead nationals (who would otherwise be on the unemployment rolls, because they lack both an education and marketable skills) to work as mercenaries in the fight to topple Syria’s Assad. But what happens when the jilted Saudi billionaires begin funding their own mercenary forces? Saudis have a revenge streak that runs deeper than the Grand Canyon.

And what happens when Russia begins reacting to the US permanent presence in Syria? Is Russia waiting for the petrol-dollar to implode and for US hegemony to crack before it strikes? And what is China waiting for? Probably to mop-up after the great powers have gone at it.

The military industrial complex always win. Conflict and regional destabilization in the Middle East with mercenary factions fighting each other is good for business. This video makes the point.





WALL for a Bankrupt Nation

People are livid that the Government shut down. All those people on furlough! What no one cares to discuss is that the US is bankrupt. It can’t cover its nut every month. This is why the can is kicked down the road as it is forced to borrow more money which adds up to the national debt. It has nothing to do with illegal immigration, the Wall or the price of tea in China.

The distorted logic by some people implies that if only DACA was (or wasn’t) granted amnesty everything would be fixed. The monolithic government would resume operations unimpeded. But the can has been kicked down the road for years. This is not something new that just popped out of nowhere because of DACA. Now, when you have a bankrupt nation that needs to borrow to make the interest payments on loans it borrowed from a foreign-controlled central bank that can create money out of thin air you need to ask yourself this question: in the final analysis who benefits from this arrangement? It certainly isn’t the People of the United States. It most definitely is the shareholders of the foreign-controlled bank.

Shouldn’t we be discussing the shutdown of the foreign-owned central bank? I mean if Trump has Andrew Jackson’s picture in his oval office as a reminder that Jackson shut down the 2nd US Bank, the equivalent of today’s Rothschild-controlled central bank, shouldn’t Trump – who bears no resemblance to the warrior Jackson – be Tweeting about closing down the Fed, instead of the government shut down? Doesn’t this make more sense?

And now, for you staunch Trump supporters who think he walks on water – and I once supported him because Hillary was not an option – ask yourself this question when you are having dinner with your family or by your lonesome: if the government can’t pay its bills and must shutdown or borrow more money a) how will it find money to build the Wall, and b) how will it find the money to rebuild the infrastructure that Trump promised?

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to conclude that much of what has been promised is simply pie-in-the-sky. But you say: Trump brought back jobs, 2,000,000 of them.

When you are dealing with me you need to be more accurate. The number is actually 2,055,000 jobs. Check the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And if you do some more research you will discover the job creation has been going on for some time, since 2015 there have been jobs created – and I’m not an Obama holdover. I believe he should be tried for treason. In fact you will find that in 2015 there were more jobs created than in 2016, which year saw more jobs created than in 2017. So in reality the job creation trend is slopping downwards.

So you bounce back with how the stock market has soared in the first year.  You are talking to a former stock broker who also watches other indices like the Baltic Dry Index, Housing Starts, etc, and knows that for the past 24 months credit card spending has outpaced household income, only about 10% of Americans own 401(k)s, 11% of Americans own less stock now than they did in 2008, and public pension funds are in the dumpster. So can the market be going up with no end in sight? What is causing the buying? Central Banks that can print money out of thin air. That’s how the market is pumped. Meanwhile the Baltic Dry Index which reached a peak in July of 2008 at 11,600 dove to 670 in December of 2008 and is now hovering around 1,200.  This index measures the price of hauling goods by Capesized ocean freighters.  The greater the demand for ocean freighters the costlier it is.

I suggest you start looking at the world not from Trump’s perspective, but from the international bankers’ perspective who use nations like pawns to achieve their nefarious ends. You need to wake up America.














Whose Fake News to believe?

There is no reason to take Trump at his word. There never was there will never be.  I admit it, I was duped into supporting him. But Hillary was a non-starter.

As the layers are pulled backed, what we are witnessing is much of the same old puppet theater that is meant to distract the masses from the agenda that really matters: enriching the 1% through wars for profit. All else is window dressing. That includes tax reform (which again saw major flip flops by Trump), immigration reform, and Constitutional reform.

The potpourri of media alleging to be bastions of truth are nothing more than escape vents for the frustrations of the masses:


You see, the masses need vicarious voices to vent for them so the system doesn’t explode. But no real solutions are ever offered, on purpose, like direct democracy for example (usadirectdemocracy.com), where the People can have final say.

We can thank Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch for badgering the DOJ, the State Department and the FBI in releasing sensitive documents that give us the TRUTH.  We also have WikiLeaks to thank.

Here is another excellent look at (compromised) Trump’s flip flops: http://yournewswire.com/wikileaks-gop-democrats-snake/

A citizens duty is to hold a President’s feet to the fire, not kiss his ass.






How I view Trump’s DACA policy

What exactly do we have here? To describe Trump as politically incorrect would be an understatement. He is the father of political incorrectness. And that only means that he encourages the same from the American People.

Let’s begin with his DACA position, which offers amnesty in exchange for funding of the Wall. Wait a minute. Did he not say Mexico was going to pay for the Wall? But, more to the point, are people simply bargaining chips? Next time funding is needed to stave a government shutdown will another group of people be used as pawns?

The very idea of deporting people – young or old – who have set roots in this nation, ie., who have been granted driver’s licenses, work permits, health insurance, construction permits, and college degrees in what are referred to adhesion agreements offered to persons who are not citizens by each state (as per the 14th Amendment), is repugnant to our sense of common decency and humane behavior. Little does the manipulated mainstream media know about MAVNI, the path to citizenship after serving in the military. Again, the message is clear: a person must be of some utilitarian purpose to the nation in order to be granted citizenship. Never mind that a person may have already set roots through adhesion contracts and paid local and state taxes, and in many instances even federal taxes.

As I have said before, the litmus test is Root-Setting. It is incumbent on the States and the Federal Government to deport illegal aliens before they set roots, not after. Also, it is incumbent on the States and the Federal Government to not grant services that may be deemed adhesion agreements to illegal aliens.  An adhesion agreement adheres or glues the parties to the agreement. An Adhesion Agreement confers certain rights and remedies to both parties, without even invoking the 14th Amendment that offers the same rights under the law to persons who are not citizens. In simple language, the Constitution applies equally to citizens and non-citizens (persons).

The Constitution is mute on immigration, but vocal on naturalization. And the laws on immigration have morphed over the last two centuries according to the needs and security threats the United States has faced. Even President Trump’s views on immigration have evolved over time. Note how the President’s tone was drastically conciliatory in 2012.

In 2015, his tone became more controversial. He wanted to uproot people who were given a pass by the State and the Federal Government. In 2016 it became more pragmatic. Of course dangerous illegal criminals should be deported.

The “humane solution” involves restricting access to adhesion agreements (ie., government services) in the first instance when illegal immigrants request them. It also entails allowing residence and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants who have posed no threat to the nation and might or might not have entered into adhesion agreements with a State or the Federal Government, and who would have otherwise been granted residence status had they gone at the back of the line.  But to require that they sell everything, break all social contracts, and self-deport so that they can apply legally is not only impractical, but inhumane. The onus was on immigration officials and the states to make it impractical for such persons to set roots when they first arrived, not after they set roots.

We can reach back to a time in American history when each State prescribed its own immigration policy. We can develop policy which leaves the determination of State Citizenship (but not Federal citizenship) to each State as the first step in the path to American citizenship. This would serve as a probationary period to determine the worthiness and viability of an immigrant. We could also introduce fast-tracks to citizenship based on Merit, such as military service, philanthropic activity, productivity, volunteering, mentoring, etc. Another fast track could include giving work permits to immigrants coming from nations that enjoy all the social safety nets, such as Sweden, Canada, Norway. For a person to leave a nation with healthcare, welfare, disability and unemployment insurance, and come to the US means the person is interested in more than handouts, in contrast to a person who comes from a third world country in search of social safety nets.

Finally, there is a category of immigrants who come into the US for neither economic reasons nor for a quick path to citizenship. They come simply to make America stronger. Their cause is ideological. They want nothing from America. They want to give everything to America. Such people can be best described as American super-patriots, in contrast to patriots who are born in the US and serve the nation out of a sense of duty and patriotism. Such super-patriots were the founding fathers who hailed from England, Scotland, Ireland and the Caribbean – Alexander Hamilton, first Secretary of the Treasury, was born in Saint Kitts and Nevis.









TRUMP REPORT CARD & The End of Gaslighting

Let’s start 2018 with the requisite updated Trump Report Card and follow with my views on how gaslighting is used on Americans:


In back rooms behind closed doors, hid from public view, serpentine creatures with mendacious tongues are scheming to assimilate America into the New World Order. Any rational person with two ounces of grey matter after analyzing what was unleashed on 9/11 by a cabal who controls Washington and Wall Street must know by now that presidential speeches are nothing more than well-oiled propaganda pieces designed to prod the sheeple.

The litmus test is, and will always be, 9/11. Any time a President perpetuates the LIE that 9/11 was the work of terrorists holed-up in Afghanistan caves, you instinctively come to two conclusions: the President has been co-opted, and, anything that streams from his lips following such a remark is pure snake-oil. And Trump has, on more than one occasion, perpetuated the LIE. And, anyone who has not invested one hundred hours – at a minimum – in investigating 9/11 has no standing in this debate.

Trump’s campaign promises of re-opening 9/11 by examining the 28 pages that implicate Saudi Arabia might be a faint memory in the public’s consciousness – but not mine. Thus, Americans continue to be gaslighted. When the President speaks of expanding our military to project fear in our enemies around the globe, this kind of veiled bellicose militarism should be translated as interventionism and has nothing to do with protecting America’s “interests” – another word pregnant with connotations.

Our “interests” could mean anything from pillaging and plundering resources in far away places (Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Iran & Libya come to mind) to bringing into submission foreign powers that might at some future point in time compete for those same resources. The agenda, you will notice, is always couched in patriotic rhetoric rife with knee-jerk reaction calls for clapping in a demonstration of assent and support from the target audience. Within the well-rehearsed patriotic sound bites in the mix are thrown enigmatic, cryptic phrases like “the American people are tired of fighting and not winning”. This statement translates to: “we will keep on fighting until we win” – and, in reality, there is no plan to win, only to perpetuate the endless war on terror. Our “interests” definitely revolve around Israel. Here’s a glimpse at Congress giving Netanyahu 29 standing ovations for a total of 17 minutes of applause – a Record!

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>I edited <a href=”https://twitter.com/hashtag/Netanyahu?src=hash&amp;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>#Netanyahu</a>’s speech to Congress to include only the applause, there was 17 minutes of it. First one to stop clapping is an anti-semite. <a href=”https://twitter.com/hashtag/Jerusalem?src=hash&amp;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>#Jerusalem</a&gt; <a href=”https://twitter.com/hashtag/JerusalemEmbassy?src=hash&amp;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>#JerusalemEmbassy</a&gt; <a href=”https://t.co/nj6MXPUxxv”>pic.twitter.com/nj6MXPUxxv</a></p>&mdash; Partisangirl 🇸🇾 (@Partisangirl) <a href=”https://twitter.com/Partisangirl/status/947640509886951424?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>January 1, 2018</a></blockquote>

Essentially, the sheeple are being led to the slaughterhouse with their complete consent as they clap along with beaming smiles.

The speeches are crafted by writers who have consulted with the deep state, and have mastered the fine art of persuasion – I was in marketing for 22 years, I have some standing on the topic.  This is evident in Trump’s flip-flopping on key foreign policy issues. The methodology is tried and true and originated with Edward Bernays, the father of public relations, who popularized smoking by branding cigarettes as “torches of freedom” to attract feminists.

See if you can spot the gaslighting in this video:

Another example of gaslighting is when Trump spoke these well-crafted, decisively targeted words: “I am not running to be President of the World”. More evidence that even during the election the gaslighting had begun at the behest of the NWO, possibly Kissinger, the front man. Because now, we are hearing Trump talk about Global Asset Forfeiture, a mandate to end slavery world-wide, and a call for regime change in Iran.


What if Germany or England called for regime change in the USA, or any other country for that matter, how would that go over?

Another example of gaslighting is Trump saying in public that he would not benefit from the new Tax Bill. Of course, that’s another lie. The Corporate rate has dropped from 35% to 21%, the carried interest provisions are still intact, and estate tax laws favor Trump’s children now more than ever.

Another more subtle form of gaslighting is the sudden hate towards whites. The natural knee-jerk reaction is to ask “why now, why whites, does that include Jews?”. That’s intended to trigger a defense mechanism towards whites, and since Trump is white, he benefits from the defense response.

In other words, the antithesis is first presented as the abhorrent, unthinkable alternative to condition our minds that Trump would never ever in a million years “go there”, and then when he does exactly what he vowed he would never do, cognitive dissonance rules out the unthinkable and accepts the lie.

A typical gaslighting moment was George Bush stating: “You are either with us or you are with the terrorists”.

But, you say, “the stockmarket is booming, job numbers are up, unemployment is down, what more do you want?”

[You neglect to mention the record number of people out of the labor force, due to more boomers retiring.]

And I say, this is a typical reaction of someone who has been gaslighted. The thought that the President of the USA could possibly NOT be acting in the best interests of the American people simply can’t compute. Here’s what I want:

I want non-interventionism, truth, transparency, accountability, closure on 9/11, justice meted out on the Clintons, investigations in the TAARP funds kickbacks. And I want the executive, the Cabinet and Congress polygraphed. I want an end to the Kabuki Theater. The American People are no longer going to be prodded like dumb sheep. I will do my utmost to ensure they are no longer led by carnies the likes of Trump into gaslighting chambers.

If you are content with a meager tax reduction (that will accrue $1.3 Trillion to the debt) and the purported higher job numbers as a fair exchange for further militarism that will only raise the debt and enrich the military-industrial-media-congressional complex, then you are a globalist, not an American. If you are content with illusionary upswings in the market created by  central bank priming that benefit only 10% of the population with a 401(k), in exchange for NSA spying on Americans, the NDAA, the Patriot act, asset forfeiture, warrant-less searches, dual citizens in government, a foreign owned central bank that will loan you money created out of thin air and expect you to repay the principal with interest, you have no standing in America. Move out. That goes double for the mainstream media. If you are a shareholder of defense stock, that means only one thing: you want more wars that will propel your stock higher. If you own one of these stocks you are the masked enemy of the American people:

Boeing Company (The) (BA) (World’s largest aerospace company; commercial jetliners; defense, drones, space and security systems)

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 2.12.43 PM


General Dynamics Corporation (GD) (Jet aircraft, combat vehicles, communication systems, cyber security, information technology systems, mission support services, munitions, shipbuilding, submarines and weapons systems)

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 1.38.30 PM

Harris Corporation (HRS) (Military and commercial markets: communications and information systems; tactical radios; network solutions for air traffic control and systems)

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 1.40.15 PM

Honeywell International Inc. (HON)  (Aerospace products and services for commercial and military markets: turbochargers; performance materials; sensing and security technologies)

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 1.45.28 PM


L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc. (LLL) (Aerospace products and services for commercial and military markets; communication and electronic systems)

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 1.47.35 PM

Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMT) (Aeronautical research, IT services, the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, naval systems, PAC-3 Missiles, satellites (commercial and government), space launch, strategic missiles, systems integration, training, tactical aircraft and the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System)

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 1.50.01 PM

Northrop Grumman Corporation (NOC) (Cyber security, command and control, communications, intelligence, logistics, reconnaissance, strike aircraft, surveillance, unmanned systems)

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 1.51.44 PM

Raytheon Company (RTN) (Aerospace products and services for commercial and military markets: integrated defense systems, cybersecurity, missile systems, space and airborne systems)

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 2.17.19 PM




Rockwell Collins, Inc. (COL) (Aerospace commercial and military markets: cabin electronics, communication systems, displays & surveillance systems, flight-deck avionics, mission communications, navigation and simulation and training solutions)

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 2.14.46 PM



Textron Inc. (TXT) (Industrial conglomerate: helicopters, aircraft manufacturing; transportation vehicles for golf courses, industrial and electrical tools)


Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 1.58.44 PM

Transdigm Group Incorporated (TDG) (Aerospace commercial and military markets: components, security systems and subsystems, displays, audio systems)

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 2.01.41 PM

United Technologies Corporation (UTX) (Conglomerate: aircraft engines, helicopters, HVAC, and other industrial products)

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 2.03.50 PM

I wish to know how many in Congress and the Cabinet own shares in these companies. Polygraph them – all of them. During the Iraqi war, over 150,000 private contractors were retained. It’s easy to see how wars benefit the few, while caskets with war-torn bodies impoverish the many.

Added to this dystopia is the perpetual creation of new enemies – because what would life be like for warmongers without enemies?

Fueled by a Zionist block eager to blackmail US politicians into voting for wars (notice I did not say Jewish block), and you can see how the USA is the dispensable mistress, the shiksa that deserves everything that befalls her, because she and her population are but dispensable commodities that serve only Zionist interests. JFK tried to break loose. They nailed him.

If we are going to implement asset forfeiture on a global scale, then let the International Courts decide who ranks first in human rights abuses. The US is in no position to call out other countries for human rights infractions when it supports apartheid policies and regime change while preaching non-interventionism.

There is a ray of hope. It’s time for a new Republic, an eRepublic, where the citizens have oversight over their elected servants.  You are either for Freedom or for the Status Quo. My mission is to end gaslighting and restore the Republic with usadirectdemocracy.com.

Join us. You’ll have a happier new year.


















Trump Report Card * Especially Egregious Infractions

If I could promise you zero taxes for the rest of your life would you agree to having all you freedoms retracted and repealed? That means: the state can take your property, the state can survey your every move, the state can put you in jail without a trial, the state can kill you without a trial, the state will ignore your every petition, the state will make you think you are being heard, when you are not. If you answered “yes” you are a douchebag American who needs to be hauled out at the earliest.

If Trump’s performance doesn’t scare you by now – and I couldn’t give a rat’s ass if you’re libertarian, liberal or conservative – then you are well on your way to being completely cooked like the proverbial frog.  America IS the de facto Police Force of the New World Order. Don’t let the word “National” in Trump’s National Security Strategy dupe you into thinking this is about America First, when 44,000 troops (and counting) are deployed around the globe as we speak in over 800 military bases. You are a chump, a fool, and a mesmerized zombie.

You want your country back? You want you freedoms back? Then start thinking in terms of you (the Employer) holding the elected agents (Trump & Congress) accountable with polygraphs and citizens two-way portals. You need to seriously think about an eRepublic, an eDemocracy (call it what you want) where your vote counts, not the vote of special interests or foreign powers. You need to seriously start thinking out of the box like a Founding Father of America 2.0. Start here.

Trump is no Washington or Jackson – both of them actually fought for the country, and Jackson actually routed the unaccountable central bank (the Second Bank of the US).


Jerusalem in the cross-hairs

It’s becoming increasingly evident that either the Jewish lobby or the Christians (or both) pushed Trump to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Both groups stand to benefit. The Jews will accelerate the final confrontation between Iran and Israel, with the US to do the brunt of the heavy lifting, and the Christians can propel their eschatology further leading to the Second Coming of the Messiah.

Hezbollah has declared the taking of Jerusalem the topmost priority of the Arab world. Putin declared the Middle East peace talks over. Erdogan now blames Trump along with Israel for all the bloodshed that will follow. Egypt, wisely stated that a determination of Jerusalem’s status can only be the purview of international law. Iran, meanwhile, has vowed to defend Hamas, and the Syrian army continues to discover US-NATO-Israeli-made weapons in abandoned ISIL strongholds. The Malaysian Army, of all players, said it’s ready to do its part to help the Palestinians. Who will be next?

The added development of joint Russia-Chinese air drills should leave no doubt as to which camp China is on should Armageddon erupt in the Middle East. China already has elite forces in Syria to ensure the oil is not wasted on usurpers. Iran will be backed by both Russia and China, and since Russia and China are expected to back North Korea, expect also North Korea to back Iran. There have already been exchanges between Iran and DPRK. In typical gaslighting M-O, Zionists in Canada are playing the victim card, claiming they were battered and maimed in a peaceful Palestinian rally. It’s this kind of satanic chutzpah that the world has grown sick and tired of, as it enters an age of truth, reconciliation and transparency.

And now that the EU has decided to not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, we can be certain that should Israel begin to topple, it will exercise its Sampson option on European nations. It’s perhaps for this reason, that Trump caved into pressure. The last thing he needs is pre-positioned Israeli nukes detonating in the US mainland. And what will the Orthodox Jewish group, the Neturei Karta, that regularly burns the Israeli flag face?

Finally, to add fuel to the fire, a 1930 postcard, purportedly written by none other than Golda Meir, is addressed to a party living in Palestine.

Screen shot 2017-12-11 at 1.51.28 PM

And how is Trump faring, you might ask. The Pentagon has decided to ignore the Commander in Chief’s orders and simply allow transgender recruits. The women who accused him of inappropriate behavior are back on the circus for round two. And only 35% of Americans like the GOP tax package. That’s a good week for Trump.

Merry Christmas, everyone!






Jerusalem: World’s Lightning Rod

Like lightning the news that Jerusalem is recognized as Israel’s capital by the Unites States spread around the globe in a flash. Simultaneously, voices of assent and dissent clamor for attention in a world kept together by a fragile peace. The Arab world, including Israel’s ally, Saudi Arabia, has gone apoplectic; Moscow prefers the former Jerusalem; the Pope urges that the city be declared a world capital; others, like Jewish Rabbi Menachem Froman, would like the city to become the seat of the United Nations; and, then there is the hypothetical Illuminati vision of it becoming the epicenter of the new world order.

Trump may have used this card as the quid, in exchange for the quo, a two state solution, only after Israel has been pummeled into submission by various enemies. Concessions sometimes require some arm-bending.

The Evangelical Christians see the development as another necessary step towards the fulfillment of ancient prophesy that includes the building of the Third Temple and the Ezekiel war that preface the Second Coming. Erdogan views it as Trump having lit the fuse to a bomb. Hezbollah and Iran see it as the prelude to the liberation of Palestine. As for Canada: it will not move its embassy to Jerusalem.

Against this cacophony, Netanyahu urges Israel to make its move against Iran, while Russia, Syria and Chinese special forces team up to fight “terrorists” in Syria, after Moscow has declared terrorists have been completely mopped up from Syria. Nothing is what it seems.

To top things off, Iran has warned the US to leave Syria or all hell would be unleashed, and Abbas declared that the US no longer qualifies as mediator in the Middle East Peace process.




Trump v Swamp

It was a matter of time. Now, Flynn is prepared to testify against Trump and his family and White House staff, citing that Trump, as a Presidential candidate, asked Flynn to contact Russia. Flynn admits he lied to the FBI and claims it was Jared Kushner how instructed him to contact the Russian Ambassador. Then, Flynn lied to Pence that he had any contact with the Russians. That explains why Trump viewed Flynn as a liability and had to toss him out. That doesn’t negate the fact that Flynn received payments for his consulting services to the Turkish government. Rumors that Tillerson will be replaced by Pompeo are simply fake news, according to Trump.

But, why was Flynn so cagey about contacting the Russian Ambassador? What was at stake? At stake was a UN resolution that needed to be delayed. Why delayed? Because if passed it would adversely impact Israel. Kushner, at Trump’s bidding, and, in turn, at the behest of Netanyahu needed time to cajole not only the Russians, but other nations to vote against the resolution. So, Flynn stepped forward and cut a deal with the Russians: if they would delay the vote in the UN, the US would look the other way on the sanctions that were imposed on Russia by Obama’s administration. Nothing happens without a quid pro quo. Flynn’s lying to Mike Pence is really irrelevant. It’s the fact that he lied to the FBI director that makes him a criminal. Once again, a plea bargain took place. Flynn would get a slap on the wrist if he would reveal dirt on Trump, his family and the WH to Mueller.

Trump’s position is that he would have instructed Flynn to contact the Russians irrespective of the circumstance. But the fact that Flynn told the FBI he never contacted the Russians gives neither Trump or Flynn any wiggle room. Had Flynn simply admitted to contacting the Russians, he would not be in a position of bargaining with the FBI at Trump’s detriment. In essence, a black hole opened up in a Catch-22 situation.

It doesn’t end there. Trump, in an apparent flip-flop to save his hide, now claims he fired Flynn not for lying to Pence, but for lying to the FBI.

The blowback for ABC incorrectly reporting that Trump, as a “candidate”, not as president-elect, instructed Flynn to contact the Russians had its ramification. Brian Ross was suspended without pay for a month after ABC retracted its story.

In other news, The DOJ has taken over and arrested the illegal immigrant who killed Kate Steinle. Which begs the question: are non-citizens immune from double-jeopardy?

Benefactors v Leeches of America

There was a time in America’s history when we couldn’t find enough people to come to our shores. We had people who came from every corner of the world. The Constitution is verbose on naturalization, but silent on immigration. We originally let the States fashion their own immigration policies. The states were not prohibited from naturalizing citizens within their borders. In Article 1 Section 10, which enumerates the prohibitions placed upon the States, you will not find language that prohibits the naturalization of state citizens.

Let’s use a crude allegory to describe the principles that should govern immigration. Let’s imagine an apple orchard and a heavily trafficked road next to it, filled with travelers of every description and economic condition. Some of these travelers are the famished and the weary. When they arrive at the orchard and see no barrier between them and the apples, they walk over to help themselves. When the orchard owner notices that some of his trees are almost barren should he fault the travelers or should he fault himself for not building a fence? I would think the answer is obvious.

There are two principles at play: the first champions humane treatment, and it supersedes the second, that of national security. I would hardly think that any of us here would expect the orchard owner to round up those who had helped themselves to his apples and force them to reimburse him. It would be inhumane, let alone impractical. Let me briefly run through the evolution of US immigration policies.

The Naturalization Act of 1790 first established the rules for naturalized citizenship, as per Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, but placed no restrictions with respect to immigration on the States. It was repealed and replaced by the Naturalization Act of 1795, which increased the required period of residence from two to five years. Pay particular attention to the language that places the burden of vetting persons squarely on the States: And the children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond Sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born Citizens: Provided, that the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States: Provided also, that no person heretofore proscribed by any States, shall be admitted a citizen as aforesaid, except by an Act of the Legislature of the State in which such person was proscribed.

That Act was repealed and replaced by the Naturalization Act of 1798, which extended the residency requirements to fourteen years. It also authorized the president to deport any alien considered “dangerous to the peace and safety of the United States.” It was repealed and replaced by the Naturalization Act of 1802, which contracted the residency requirements to five years and required the alien to declare, at least three years in advance, his intent to become a U.S. citizen. Then, the Naturalization Act of 1870 extended the naturalization process to “aliens of African nativity and to persons of African descent.”

We presented you with this annotated history to elucidate the obvious: Immigration policy is malleable, and perhaps, for the first time, if, as and when the implementation of Direct Democracy becomes a reality, a matter which should reflect the Will of the People through a plebiscite.

The extenuating factor is that, back in the day, neither the States nor the Federal Government offered any inducements by way of social benefits for immigrants. After certain states passed immigration laws following the Civil War, the Supreme Court in 1875 declared that immigration was a federal responsibility and, for the first time, federal immigration law prohibited the entry of immigrants considered as “undesirable”. America went from “Everyone is welcome” to “Some are welcome, others not so much.” The Page Act of 1875 law classified as “undesirable” any individual from Asia who was coming to America to become a contract laborer, and it fined any human trafficker up to $2,000 and a maximum jail sentence of one year. What followed next mirrors to a certain extent what America is experiencing with Latino immigration.

In 1882, The Chinese Exclusion Act, in response to anxieties over cheap labor from China pouring in, restricted immigration of Chinese laborers for ten years, prohibited the naturalization of Chinese – even those who had arrived earlier legally – and provided deportation procedures for illegal Chinese. This Act was repealed in 1943. But, this was the birth of illegal immigration.

In 1885, the Alien Contract Labor Law extended its reach and prohibited the trafficking of foreigners and aliens under contract or agreement to perform labor in the United States. We must understand that up until that time there was no way to enforce any of these laws. They were simply statutes without teeth. There was no central agency that coordinated Immigration. It wasn’t until the Immigration Act of 1891 that a Bureau of Immigration was set up in the Treasury Department with the mandate and directive to deport illegal aliens. As we approached the modern era, further inadmissible classes were added to exclude anarchists, people with epilepsy, beggars, and purveyors of prostitution, courtesy of the Immigration Act of 1903. The Equal Nationality Act of 1934 is worth examining. For the first time, foreign-born children of American mothers and alien fathers who had entered America before age 18 and lived in America for five years could apply for American citizenship – foreshadowing DACA.

In the 1930s, we had an influx of Japanese picture brides and deportation of Mexican-Americans, even some children who were US citizens. Conditions have not changed that much over the years. We face the same hurdles now that we faced in the thirties. The advantage this generation has is biometric technology, which can be used to verify citizenship. Without its implementation, we will be discussing the same issues in the year 3,018.

History has a way of repeating itself. Even with the best technologies on hand, there will always be those who will circumvent the system. But, I wish to focus on the humane principles that should govern and supersede our immigration policies. At some point the orchard owner needs to take responsibility. We must ask ourselves the question, and discuss it heartily and passionately: At what point is it inhumane to deport people who, for economic or political reasons arrived in the US, set roots, assimilated, contributed, upheld the law, acquainted themselves with the nation’s history and its politics, and otherwise lived productive, exemplary lives? Clearly, I would think, we do not have a problem with deporting someone who has not set roots or who has broken our laws and defrauded the system. But, I am almost certain, that we would have a big problem uprooting individuals and families who have lived model lives. Aren’t these the kind of people we would want in our neighborhoods? I cringe when I look back at some of our policies, such as Operation Wetback. I also have no problems uprooting communists, no matter how well rooted they are, which the McCarran-Walter Act of 1952 tried to do, and which we should continue to invoke, especially when vetting politicians running for office.

Then, comes the final arbiter, and we conclude where we began with the Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land and trumps any and all Immigration Acts. We come to the Fourteenth Amendment that treats citizens and aliens equally under the law. In Pyler v. Doe, 457 US 202, the court stated that illegal immigrants are “within the jurisdiction” of the states in which they reside and, therefore, are under the equal protection laws of the fourteenth amendment, and stated, “We have never suggested that the class of persons who might avail themselves of the equal protection guarantee is less than coextensive with that entitled to due process. To the contrary, we have recognized [457 U.S. 202, 212] that both provisions were fashioned to protect an identical class of persons, and to reach every exercise of state authority.”

Immigration is more about a ‘common sense’ than about edicts. Is the orchard owner encouraging trespassers by setting tables, chairs and beds around his apple trees? When a state permits undocumented persons to open a bank account, to obtain a driver’s license, to obtain a Tax ID Number, and, through other adhesion contracts, otherwise facilitates the setting of roots, is it or is it not humane to uproot such individuals?

As it stands, our system is inhumane. We place greater value and importance on an uninformed, uneducated, unengaged electorate, and the attending corrupt political system that supports corporate welfare, than we do on succoring our poor and those we have permitted, through our own complicity and our inducements, to set roots. Not that citizenship really means that much to indigenous, natural-born Americans, we might argue. How many know anything about their civics, history or Constitution? Should that be the litmus test of citizenship, perhaps, after all is said and done? What constitutes citizenship?

On a different note, the melting pot of America is a bastion of Freedom. Can the same be said of Israel or Saudi Arabia or China? How many churches are in those countries? How many synagogues?”

Palestinians, Israel and Jews

One topic that really needs clarification in the controlled anti-zionist narrative is that …

A. “Israel” is comprised of 12 Tribes. Jacob was renamed “Israel” and fathered 12 tribes, not just the Jews. There were 12 tribes that exited Egypt, not just the Jews. There were 12 Tribes that occupied the Promised Land, and they fought among themselves when the Kingdom was split up.

B. There are Semites of every nationality that are not Jews, but of the remaining 11 tribes. Many live in Russia, most in Europe.

C. The fact that the Khazarian Jews not only are not respectful of that fact, but also fail to welcome the rest of the Israeli clan to the land of Israel – which technically should be called Judea, produces bad Karma, which, alas, is also blind.

D. Furthermore, if the Jews want to get really technical, the birthright was passed on to the seed of Joseph in 1 Chronicles 5:2. This point is moot if Zio’s won’t acknowledge that Israel means 12 Tribes, not just Jews.

These salient facts need repetition, because they are the truth.

These are the twelve tribes, beginning with the eldest son of Jacob (Israel):

Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Zebulun, Issachar, Dan, Gad, Asher, Naphtali, Joseph and Benjamin. Jacob also fathered Dinah, but she is not considered one of the tribes of Israel – feminists may have a bone to chew on here.

Also, at the end of his life, while in Egypt, Israel asked Joseph to bring his two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, to him so he could bless them. In that blessing he adopted the two boys as his own, thus making for two more tribes. This is recorded in Genesis 48:5. [As an aside, it was Judah who talked the rest of his brothers into selling Joseph to the nomads who then brought him to Egypt and sold him as a slave to Potiphar. The profit-motive started long ago.]

Notice what Jacob said to Joseph in verse 21 of chapter 48: Then Israel said to Joseph, “I am about to die, but God will be with you and take you back to the land of your fathers. And to you I give one more ridge of land than to your brothers, the ridge I took from the Amorites with my sword and my bow.”

Then, in Chapter 49, Israel gives each of his sons a unique blessing.

It’s very clear that the Jews don’t have sole rights to the promised land. The greater argument is made when the 12 tribes settled the promised (map) land after their exodus from Egypt. The reason we don’t see the tribe of Levi on the map is because this tribe was consecrated to minister in the Arch of the Covenant and later in the Temple of Solomon and Herod’s Temple. Instead, the Levites were given towns to dwell in among the twelve tribes (map) which became sanctuary cities for those who fled from the law, which is what David had to do to avoid getting killed by King Saul.

Parenthetically, the sons of Jacob were not born of one woman. He was married to two sisters, simultaneously, Leah and Rachel, who also offered their handmaidens for him to impregnate. Long story. The twelve tribes are the product of four women. This tradition began with Abraham, who also had two women bear his children. This is another topic of discussion.

We could discuss the two Kingdoms that were formed later (Israel and Judah) and the warfare that ensued between them as recorded in Kings and Chronicles, but that’s tangential to the main point that the Jews don’t have exclusive rights to the land they claim as their own.

From a numerical perspective, the Jews are outnumbered 11 to 1. There are 11 times more Israelites who are not Jews than there are Jews. This is not including Arabs, who are also Semites, or as we shall soon see, all the descendants of Ham, Noah’s son. So, this Anti-Semite narrative really doesn’t wash at all. And it’s not as if Jews don’t troll other Jews or as if there are no opposition parties in Israel or as if Orthodox Jews are not being jailed for demonstrating against the draft. The anti-Semite invective is always thrust on the “unwashed masses”, who, ironically have Israeli blood. Of course, we’ll never hear the ADL or AIPAC or the ACLU mention any of this, because it doesn’t serve their narrative. Anyone with any kind of European ancestry is 99.999% certain to be an Israeli Semite, a descendant of one of the eleven tribes. The rest of humanity has either descended from Esau (Jacob’s brother) or Ishmael (Isaac’s brother) from whom the Arab nations came into being or from Noah’s other sons or from whoever engendered the African tribes.

I’m not, by a long shot, an expert on Palestinian historicity. I see a spectrum of authorship on the topic, ranging from A History of the Palestinian People: From Ancient Times to the Modern Era, a non-fiction book by Assaf Voll, in which, in characteristic Zionist chutzpah, the book’s 120-so pages were left blank, raising the book to the #2 position on Amazon, before it was pulled from sale – only after it condemned the Palestinians to having no history of any kind – to a more moderate view that the Palestinians of the late 19th and early 20th century were simply subjects of the Ottoman empire – an empire much like a modern EU where labor forces flowed freely, inviting the theory that the “Palestinian” region was home to a cosmopolitan population, as opposed to a unique race or culture – to the more archaic interpretation that Palestinians are somehow descendants of early Canaanites, who populated the region before the 12 tribes moved in to conquer them, following their Exodus from Egypt.

With respect to invading Empires, that region has been conquered and occupied by Assyrian, Persian, Greek, Egyptian and Roman Empires; the remaining monuments attest to massive crossover of cultures, begging the question: are the descendants of these Empires not equally entitled to Palestine?

The most archaic narrative that forms the basis for Palestinian land ownership begins with the post-deluvian generations of Noah. Ham, a son of Noah, was in turn the father of Cush, from which Nubia and Ethiopia came from; Put, from which Libya and Morocco came from; Mizraim, from which Egypt came from; and Canaan, who was the youngest son, from which Syria and Eretz Israel (later called Palestine after 135 CE) came from.

Canaan’s sons were Zidon and Heth, and they propagated into the Jebusites, the Amorites, the Gingashites, the Hivites, the Arkites, the Sinites, the Arvadites, the Zemarites, and the Hamathites.  Afterwards, these Canaanite families branched out even further.  The Canaanite boundary went from Zidon going toward Gerar, as far as Gaza; going toward Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, and Zeboiim, as far as Lasha. When the 600,000+ Israelites came out of Egypt and were commanded by God to destroy these tribes, this is what they faced (map).

Now, we come to the Greater Israel promise (or Project), which God promised the Israelites, first through Abraham and later through Moses, their prophet. And this is where the polemic starts. Some argue that Israel should stretch to the Euphrates, because father Abraham was promised as much by God. Biblical text. However, Abraham is the father of both Israelis and Arabs. So, this argument does not hold much water for Israel. It holds water for descendants of Esau (Jacob’s brother), though. The Palestinians can claim that God gave them the same right to dwell in that region as he gave the Israelites. Dismissing this view is the traditional Jewish interpretation, and that of most Christian commentators, which defines Abraham’s descendants as Abraham’s seed only through his son Isaac and his grandson Jacob, to the exclusion of Ishmael (Isaac’s brother) and Esau (Jacob’s brother, upon whom the birthright did not pass).

Some argue that Moses was given even greater latitude and that the swath of land promised Israel was to stretch from present-day Beirut eastwards to Baghdad, south to the Persian Gulf (absorbing Kuwait), then westward across northern Saudi Arabia, swallowing Jordan & Syria, to the eastern bank of the Nile, by the Sudanese-Egyptian border, then north to the Mediterranean, along to Beirut. This is the Zionist Greater Israel vision. So, when people ask ‘what is the Zionist end game?’, this is it. Your Mossad friends may corroborate this factoid. It is inherent in Zionist tactics to use proxies (USA-EU-Saudi Arabia) to achieve their aim. Some have taken even greater liberties and pushed the NW corner of Greater Israel farther north (map).

The real Jews, who see past the Zionist Crypto-Jews’ plans, are vehemently opposed to the very formation of Israel and, definitely, to any expansionist misadventures. Of course, the world knows that prior to 1948 Jews and Arabs lived in harmony within the region. That’s another discussion.

Biblical references: A B C

Trump’s woes

How many times have we heard Trump underline the “mess” he has “inherited”. Whether it’s the economy or the Middle East, he never fails to let us know that he didn’t just assume the Presidency – and the numerous challenges the office presents to any incumbent – but that he, specifically, has been burdened with unparalleled obstacles – a real “mess”.  First of all, what President did not inherit a mess? Secondly, what President did not create a “mess” intentionally to feed the military-industrial complex?

As Trump continues to pour troops into Afghanistan, Syria, Niger, Somalia and Billions of Dollars into the military while looking to trim welfare rolls, we must ask ourselves who is he really fooling? I’m neither a capitalist nor a socialist; I’m a pragmatist. Yes, I’m all for a merit-based economy. If I’m going to tender my labor I want to get paid by the highest bidder. Yes, I want to earn my down-payment for my mortgage and car payment. Yes, I want to repay my student loans. I don’t want a free ride. But, when I have to bail out the too big to fail banks, pay for a slush fund that silences victims of sex assault instigated by my Congressmen, when my neighborhood is turned into a high crime area because the Government is indirectly responsible for the opioid crisis, when I can’t find work because entire industries have moved offshore, when I can’t afford my health-care, when I have to pay into the multi trillion dollar black hole of wars that profit the few, when my Attorney General, whose salary I pay, no longer has the balls to prosecute careers criminals, when the Constitution is thrown out the window because of Executive Orders that can arrest me, search me and kill me without due process, you better believe I will want my share of the pie pro bono; rest assured I will want to be fed, housed, and protected by my weapons and ammunition until such time as I can get back on my feet.

And God help you if you call me lazy.  Don’t walk. Run. I am willing to wager that’s how most American’s feel. It’s not about being a liberal or conservative fiscally. It’s about being pragmatic. If Corporate Welfare exists at my expense, you better believe I’ll want a 1% Wall Street Tax slapped on every trade to pay for my healthcare, pay down the national debt and upgrade infrastructure. You better believe I’ll ask Trump to pay his estate taxes when he kicks the bucket, so he can get me out my “mess”.

If you are not sure about Trump’s 180’s, please listen to this interview from July 2017. Now, you may be married – figuratively – to Donald Trump. I am not. I am married to America, and as a Patriot it is my duty to put America first and call out a President who has gone AWOL. You, on the other hand, who is married to Trump, and thinks he can do no wrong, and has been totally in control from day one, you need to become an American First patriot.

Trump on Rampage

The above tweet requires commenting. What do you think lurks underneath the Trump mystique? I can think of only one word: Ego.  There are few men in industry, the military, education or philanthropy that can match Trump’s Ego.  First, that he would stoop that low to exchange views with a mouthy democrat with the intellectual acuity of a blubbering ingrate, shows just how far Trump is willing to go to protect his Ego. We’ve seen this whenever he doubles down. The most recent episode in the soap opera were his remarks to the widow of the fallen US Marine in Niger.

I can’t even imagine what he would do if ISIS ever was to harm his son, Barron. Melania has made it known that she will personally gouge out Obama’s eyes. Trump’s followers – and I supported him during the election only because the alternative would have been an even greater disaster – seem to believe that he is infallible and immune from wrongdoing, when nothing could be further from the truth. To understand Trump, you must first understand his upbringing. His father molded him into a cut-throat competitor where the only benchmark worth considering is Winning. It was also drilled into him that branding was the formula to winning. This is why Trump thinks of people as winners or losers and why he told the US Coast Guard that their “brand’ had gone up following the two hurricanes. This is why he is so intent on making sure everyone knows of his accomplishments, and why he is fixated to polls.

I don’t dip my toe in the swamp. Stories about Moore, Jones, Menendez, Weinstein and the rest of the morass don’t interest me. There have always been scandals within the masses. I focus on stories that affect our national security and that correlate to end times prophecy. For example, Iran staking its territory in Syria is significant. Netanyahu stating that he will not allow Iran to establish a permanent presence in the region is even more significant. Trump sharing intel with Putin on movement of assets in the Middle East, to Israel’s consternation, is significant. The alignment of Iran, Turkey, Russia is a ten. The Arabian League foaming at the mouth, and the transfer of wealth from imprisoned Saudi royals to the heir apparent are historic events worth monitoring.

What appears to be happening in the Middle East is more Kabuki Theater. On the one hand the US has opened its first military base in Israel as it remains in Northern Syria to control the oil flow – without Syria’s approval – while Trump engages in backdoor diplomacy with Putin. North Korea, known to equip Iran’s military research, continues to remain a threat, but only in light of it’s alignment with Iran. Pakistan, for example, has nuclear weapons, but no one is condemning Pakistan because it does not represent an indirect or direct threat to Israel.

Wars are fought by proxy forces, which for the most part are mercenaries for hire to the highest bidder. Hezbollah and Hamas are Iran’s and Lebanon’s proxy forces. ISIS, Daesh, Al Qaeda (when was the last time they were in the news?) are US-Israeli-Saudi mercenaries that will re-direct their attacks on a dime, if the price is right.

The linchpin is Congress – that blackmailed group that acts very much like a proxy force for Israel. For example, a new USA Liberty Act is sponsored and expected to pass. It will legalize warrant-less searches, in contravention of the 4th Amendment. This is in addition to the NDAA that authorizes the Federal Government to kill any citizen, and the Patriot Act that can see citizens imprisoned without due process. And we point the finger at North Korea! The theater on domestic issues such as tax reform and immigration is meant to distract us, while covertly the Republic is dismantled without any reporting by the MSM. This is how the United States of America is controlled. And Trump, who is for asset forfeiture and has not repealed the NDAA or the Patriot Act – as he promised during his campaign – is complicit to the nth degree. Don’t let talk of job creation and building the wall distract you from the do-or-die Constitutional issues.

Trump’s only ambition is that his brand goes up.  By “brand” I mean both his polls and his empire. Aside from reports that Tillerson called him a moron and McMaster called him a kindergartner, Trump allegedly has been paid handsomely and in secret to carry out the elite’s agenda, as dictated by Henry Kissinger. It’s then no wonder that the MSM won’t focus on his indiscretions with women – walking into the Miss America changing room and talking to naked women would be one. The gag order remains, for now.  The elite have a way of throwing under the bus their useful idiots. The Ouroboros (a snake eating its tail) is symbolic of their modus operandi. If needed, they will devour their own if it’s in their longer term interests. This is how Satan has always operated.

One last observation.  When we hear that the US military is pummeling drug labs in Afghanistan, we must ask if these are the competition’s, and why aren’t the poppy fields destroyed, instead. Trump would rather we don’t ask such questions. After all, the only thing that really matters is that his name is in the limelight.


The Swamp Critters

In One Sentence

While Trump wants the names of Congressmen who availed themselves of the slush fund to hush the people they sexually assaulted, and while the DOJ is bent on revoking the citizenship of anyone who has plead guilty to having sexually assaulted minors, and while Judicial Watch uncovers new FBI files that suggest there is a conflict of interest between Andrew McCabe, the FBI Deputy Director, in his involvement with the Clinton investigation – as his wife funded Hillary’s campaign – and while a dozen or so State Department Obama holdovers are taking the axe to Rex Tillerson, Netanyahu stresses that Iran’s presence in Syria is untenable, even when he is under investigation for graft.

And for good measure, we are led to believe that the US has targeted 400 chemical labs in Afghanistan. Are these competing labs that take business away from the sanctioned labs? Why are they only now being taken out? Why not completely burn the poppy fields, instead? Who benefits from record poppy field harvests?

And when Judicial Watch requests to view the FBI documents of the tarmac meetings between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, it is told to wait six weeks. This is how the swamp delays, distracts, obfuscates and obstructs. We learn, just now, that Fusion GPS was paid over a million dollars by the DNC and the Clinton campaign, thanks to a bevy of records that have been released – most of the redacted, of course.

Israel aligns with Saudi Arabia

In One Sentence

Distractions aside, the epicenter, Israel, is attempting to forge an alliance with Saudi Arabia so as to create the proxy force that will attack Iran, thus sparing Israel the headache, while Turkey, Russia and Iran meet to signal the US that the Kabuki Theater is over.

In national news, Mueller is investigating now Obama, Lynch and Jarrett in what could be another farce, since Mueller is directly implicated in Uranium One.  In a WikiLeaks disclosure he has been singled out as the courier who delivered Uranium samples to the Russians. There are still no signs that Jeff Sessions is about to call on a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton, prompting me to launch a petition for his removal. Some argue that behind the scenes he is working feverishly to line up the evidence or that grand juries have already been convened in secret and sealed indictments have been served. I’m not buying it. My sense is that the deep state has compromised many politicos who have become, as a result, all bark and no bite, including Trey Gowdy, the master raconteur. Mueller, having come empty handed on Russian collusion, is requesting documents form the DOJ that might prove Trump tried to obstruct the investigation by firing Comey. The timing is suspect. Why now and not sooner? Is he running out of ammo? Is he trying to justify the budget allocation by prolonging the investigation? Very likely.

Zooming out to geopolitical territory, there are signs that a tectonic shift is about to take place in the world banking system. Gold-backed currencies, mass arrests and betrayals are on the horizon, according to reports by former Forbes bureau chief, Benjamin Fulford. I must see it to believe it. We’ll know it has occurred when the mass media are no longer toeing the line by spewing the same tired narrative and notable names appear in headlines, pending their trial.

Hillary Clinton is a topic all its own. It appears that the left is starting to throw her under the bus, if that is at all imaginable. MSNBC’s Chris Mathews blasted her for her “deplorables” comment! What’s the world coming to? To add injury to insult, four new women are now accusing Bill. Is the rape enabler going to throw in the towel? What could she possibly benefit by staying married?

It doesn’t end there.  When McMaster calls his boss by names, which are better left unsaid, one wonders if the White House is not turning into the three ringed circus we were so used to when the Mooch had taken center stage. This is not a Presidency. This is a reality show.  Stay tuned.

Iran at ‘land bridge’ to Golan Heights

In One Sentence

The dysfunctional left-right paradigm of incriminatory vitriol continues unabated as each party asserts a higher moral ground in the continuation of the US two-party Kabuki Theater, while Iran plans to build a military base in Syria, 35 miles north of Israel’s border, and Russia, Jordan and the US purportedly vow to restrict an Iranian presence, yet do not enforce a buffer zone and provoke Iran by constructing a permanent US base in Israel.


Saudi Arabia has been in the news with its purge of corrupt characters, including Prince Alwaleed Bin Tal, in what appears to be simply a massive transfer of wealth by those who control the military.  The purge comes at the wake of Iranian declarations of war through its proxy forces in Yemen.

Iran is undeterred in its pursuit to develop missiles and engulf Israel, as witnessed by the ousting of PM Hariri and its preparations to build a military base in Syria. Any talk by the EU to dismantle JCPOA accord will be met with ‘unexpected’ push-back from Iran. The rhetoric to curb Iran’s expansion into Syria by Jordan, Russia and the US is simply rhetoric. Iran relies on Russia for its oil and arms. Russia is clearly playing both sides against the middle.

As for Israel’s largest Air Force joint drills with Poland, Greece, Italy, Germany, India, US and France, this is nothing more than insurance for nations that don’t wish to be targeted in Israel’s Samson option, when all bets are off and the chips are down.  Israel is about to be swarmed by Jihadists, Iranians, and later by Chinese and Russian forces, when Israel goes nuclear. And it already has taken steps towards that end by signaling it has a free hand in Syria.

While all eyes are on Israel, Trump has been doing the Asian circuit to shore up US finances when his nation is technically bankrupt. Trade negotiations imply buying US debt in exchange for concessions, like letting China control the South China Sea. It’s noteworthy that Trump suggested China and the US could jointly solve all the world’s problems. But, then, in a faux pas, or out of pure bluster, he also said Russia and the US could jointly solve the world’s problems. Whatever works at the moment. It concerns me, and it should concern you, that Kissinger, the globalist puppet master, Rothschild front man, poured lavish Praise on Trump, calling him a phenomenon.  It could mean one of two things; either he is shielding himself before a possible Trump take-down, or he is playing Trump like a fiddle and feeding the sheeple some hay. Nothing that Kissinger says should be taken at face value.

As Trump continues to verbally hammer Kim Jong Un in a match of epithets, acronyms and pejoratives normally witnessed in grade school students, seven air carrier groups have arrived at the Korean Peninsula to send the final signal to Kim: back down or we will finish you off.  Will the war last days or months? If months, expect untold suffering in both South and North Korea. If only days, the attack would have to be sudden in a overwhelming shock and awe attack using every tactical weapon imaginable.  Would the US mainland be affected? That’s doubtful. Unless false flags are triggered to pin them on DPRK and rally the American people into revenge mode.

There is also the off-chance that Trump will be detained or deposed in a military coup should he embroil the US in a nuclear war.


If you are middle class and hoping for a tax break, don’t hold your breath. After mortgages deductions and other credits are thrown into the mix, it looks like you’ll end up paying more with Trump’s tax plan – an euphemism for a Senate and House negotiated plan.

Jeff Sessions, in the meantime, continues to drag his heels. Americans are screaming at him on social media to indict Hillary Clinton, Obama, Comey, Wasserman Schultz, and the rest of the copacetic comrades that are fueling unrest in the US. What ever happened to the petition to label Soros a domestic terrorist? Nothing.

The People are not being represented, and they are beginning to wake up to that fact. More and more there is talk of direct democracy taking over from the flawed and failing representative democracy. Not that we don’t have referendums and motions placed on ballots in the US; it’s just that on national issues the People are muted. Googling the term ‘direct democracy’ should prove that the concept is not simply a passing trend, it is on People’s minds, as is usadirectdemocracy.com.

I can think of only one group that would not be interested in direct democracy: the shareholders of the military-industrial-congressional-media complex. There is a lot of cash to be made with wars and media. Obviously, the controllers don’t want to lose control of the narrative.

To summarize: the US is ready to be plucked like a low-hanging fruit in God’s economy. Where law and order exists only for the people at the top the nation and the people suffer. The sum of all our fears is to witness heaven’s justice fall. But, it will. It always does. And the US will be no exception. The time for warning and preaching is over. It’s past midnight.

Any nation that can’t protect its children and women from predators and will use them for Satanic rituals is as good as a pile of ashes. This is how Israel was used in ancient times to clean up the morass of injustice and perversion in the progressive middle east. Politics and morality are inseparably intertwined. It is what it is.