The Tail that Wags the Dog

If you think this column is all about Trump, your are gravely mistaken. The logo is a spin on Matthew 24:31. The purpose of this site is to monitor world events as they converge to fulfill biblical prophecy.  Trump, wittingly or unwittingly, is a catalyst, but a puppet, nonetheless.

‘When they say peace then comes sudden destruction’ is a well known by Christians for its eschatological significance. Presumably, we are entering a phase where world leaders will try to maintain a fragile peace knowing full well that the alternative would hurl us into a world war to end all wars. Behind the scenes, the zombified, Luciferian power elite, who deal primarily in profit and loss statements and consider human beings as neither good nor bad but as entries in a balance sheet, would rather cull the herd to preserve resources, and most importantly, to avert an uprising. They have no time left and to them might makes right. The populace is more aware and incensed than ever. The need for a world war has never been greater.

Zooming down to five hundred feet, the arcane two-party system in the United States, a pretense for choice, grovels in acrimony and brinkmanship to find favor with the remaining etherized masses. Craven promises during campaigns are swallowed like bait. Trump has been given a pass by the elite as long as he plays by their rules. Most likely, they showed him a clip of JFK at the grassy knoll.  Israel first is the dictum. Fall short and you’re history. Trump’s 180 on Syria is proof he has been compromised. There was a time when he was lashing Obama almost daily for our intervention in Syria. Israel is about to call on ‘it’s’ armed forces to do the heavy lifting in Syria. This is precisely why Netanyahu declared that the presence of the USS George W. H. Bush is a symbol of Freedom – Israel’s Freedom.  If you believe it’s there for ISIS, sit back and watch the spectacle. Look for the fulfillment of another prophecy when Damascus will turn into a pile of rubble.

Who is a friend of the US these days? It depends if they are pro- or against Syria. Al Qaeda has proven to be a friend of the US, and is rewarded with arms and funding. Twisted?

Trump will be honored if he goes down as a martyr. He will be loathed if he obeys his controllers. Trump does not have the markings of a martyr, let alone the markings of a President. Arguably, he is the least Presidential entity to occupy the Oval Office. He is primarily a survivor who wants to live to fight another day and will most likely obey his masters as long as he can keep his life and empire intact. His last bastion and most ardent supporters are the Christians. That’s why he uses the God-card as frequently as Hillary used the woman-card.

Today, the Donald tweeted: “Spoke yesterday with the King of Saudi Arabia about peace in the Middle-East. Interesting things are happening!” … this after “Morning Joe” breaks all records following Trump’s malicious tweet.

Indeed, we hear that Syrian forces are launching new operations to free regions controlled by US-backed terrorists, and on the 4th of July Trump calls for a Crisis UNSC meeting to address N. Korea’s missile tests, as he also urges China in unprecedented statesman-like prose to ‘end the nonsense’, and as Senators urge him to frame a coherent policy for Afghanistan. The theatrics of persuading the masses that Trump is in charge would be laughable if they weren’t so macabre. ‘Coherent’ with respect to the 700,000 poppy  fields each the size of a football field or with respect to the Taliban or yet with respect to the funding of Al Qaeda or, perhaps, with setting a launchpad for the invasion of Iran – as per the master-plan to take-down 7 countries in 5 years?

Israel, the tail that wags the American dog, announced it wants no ceasefire until Assad is removed from office. It doesn’t take a mathematician to conclude that at some point the world will train its cross-hairs on Israel.

Following the cordial talks between Putin and Trump we can only imagine how disappointed the McCain-led neocons must feel. The last thing these Luciferians want is thawed relations between the superpowers. Israel must be catatonic after the Syrian ceasefire announcement.

The G20 is not the forum for Ivanka to pose in a group photo. She is an unelected opportunistic political lech. Merkel supports it, which only stains the spectacle all the more.This stunt reeks of nepotism.  Extremely bad optics, in typical crass Trump style, whose only superlative options are ‘tremendous’ and ‘very, very’ – the former he used to describe his meeting with Putin. The disjointed circus of jugglers and acrobats in the Trump administration were overshadowed by Nikki Haley’s assertion at the UN that”everybody knows Russia meddled in our elections”.  The buffoonery is beyond the pale.