Truth Bombs

The cat is out of the bag. The Rebels fighting against Assad are on the Israeli Payroll. You can finesse it any way you like, but that is the ugly truth. The tail that wags the American dog is Israel.

And what is Trump and Congress doing about it? They are beefing up US deployments in the Middle East. Fluke? No. This is calculated, premeditated, strategic and part of the Greater Israel Project. The media won’t touch it, the Trump admin won’t allude to it, and Congress – that has pledged allegiance to Israel – will make sure it’s buried and out of public discourse.

This is how our foreign policy keeps getting hijacked while the masses are distracted with parochial party politics.  The puppeteers at the very top who stand to gain the most go by the name of Rothschild and Murdoch, among others. Now that you know, go back to sleep.

The grooming of Ivanka for a future presidential run is getting to be old and tired. It was no accident that she keeps popping up on the world stage. This is a dynasty trying to acclimatize us to the Trump brand, which by now is anything but burnished, but rather bruised. A delta-woman like her without political gravitas, the paragon of nepotism, the princess who is more concerned about her stylish looks than national and international issues, and has the acumen of a Lolita is never going to make it to first base in politics, especially since she is a Trump.

One Trump is all we can stomach.  What President would suggest synchronizing a task force with Russia to manage cybersecurity? That idea vaunted by Trump as another paradigm shift in geopolitics takes the cake. I don’t disparage at all Lindsey Graham – a one time nemesis – for calling it ‘almost the most stupid idea’ he has ever heard. Trump seems to be backing off, after half the nation ridiculed it. He keeps lurching forward with the most impossible goals in his typical Billionaire braggadocios style, like he did with the Wall or the way he manhandled dignitaries in a photo shoot, only to realize later that his naive, precocious ideas are not grounded in reality but in the need to have his ego stroked.

Wednesday. We learn Trump is raging over accusations hurled at Don Jr.  in typical we-can-do-no-wrong style we have grown so accustomed to. The issue at hand is not whether there were incriminating revelations to bury Hillary Clinton. That is peripheral. Central is the fact that Don Jr. gloated over the possibility of such revelations being passed on to him for purposes of undermining Hillary Clinton. This is where we must question Trump Sr.’s acumen. For one, if Clinton’s pay for play, the 33,000 deleted emails (wiped with BleachBit), her sale of ambassadorships at $1M-$2M a pop, the political contributions from Saudi Arabia and China, her outrageous speaking fees, Hillary’s patronizing the Credit Card industry (as retold by Elizabeth Warren in an interview), and her evolution into a Chinese agent was not enough to bury her – not forgetting the sale of Uranium to Russia which earned the CGI $2.5 Million – nothing else could bury her, and Trump should have never entered politics.

Second, for Trump to gloat that his son is above reproach and to call him ‘high-quality’ is symptomatic of the unbridled hubris that is permeating this Presidency. Your son, Mr. Buffo, was looking forward to obtaining intelligence that would destroy Hillary Clinton. Period. End of story.  Case closed. That makes him myopic and you a cartoon character.

And as for that Evangelical show of support on Monday at the Oval Office, it registers as only more pandering.  Playing the God card by someone who knows neither God nor Devil is like Hillary playing the woman card after receiving a donation from Saudi Arabia.

But, the mono-dimensional Trump hits it out of the ballpark when he confesses that he wished he has asked Putin one question: did Putin actually support him? 

How could Putin have answered such a charged question? If he had answered in the affirmative, what would Trump expect to follow from the media? If Putin had denied supporting Trump, who would have taken this answer at face value without any evidence to support it? This brings to question Trump’s mind. Are we witnessing lapses in his deductive reasoning? Is this a precursor of further erosion in his analytical thinking?  I will go on a limb and predict that Trump will voluntarily step down from the Presidency, citing a number of complex reasons, but not his declining mental acuity.

Thursday: Signs of sociopathy emerge. Trump now doubles down by claiming anyone would have done the same thing in his son’s shoes. The inability to ascribe blame to oneself is troubling, to say the least. The problem is, Trump doesn’t realize that most people would have called the FBI first if a foreign entity offered them intel that could influence an election.

But, let’s get serious. Trump, in addressing the Wall, said: “As horrible as it sounds, when they throw the large sacks of drugs over, and if you have people on the other side of the wall, you don’t see them. They hit you on the head with 60 pounds of stuff? It’s over.”

I will end this week with a stunning deathbed confession by a CIA agent who admitted to blowing up WTC7 on 9/11. The implications are staggering, considering that eventually the real perpetrators can be tried and executed or, better still, if a truth and reconciliation commission can be set in motion to help us heal.  It’s my guess, and that of many others, that Israel will be heavily implicated. But, that should not come as any surprise if it has been funding Al-Qaeda and ISIS.