Ann Coulter turns on Trump

When the exiting Ethics Committee chief says that the Trump Administration is turning the  U.S.  into the world’s laughingstock, when Trump, in defense to his son’s malfeasance, blurts ‘That’s Politics’, when the Russian Foreign Minister accuses the U.S. of daylight robbery, when the House Speaker requests 17,000 more H-2B Visas from the DHS, that’s when you realize Rome is burning while Nero is fiddling around.

When Israel objects to the Syrian Ceasefire and broadcasts that Trump is on board with Israel on Iran policies, when U.S. satellites discover that DPRK is enhancing its nuclear fuel depots, when China is assembling troops and weapons in preparation to invade India, when U.S.-backed Kurds are fighting Turkey-backed rebels, that’s when you realize the world is a tinderbox. 

This week, Benjamin Fulford discusses the imminent war by a US-Chinese-Russian coalition against North Korea – which is linked to Israel. There are calls for Israel to return the Golan Heights, and aspersions that Khazarian Netanyahu is a major liability to Israel.

It’s only Monday. Stay tuned.

Tuesday. A rhetorical question: would Donald Trump step down from the Presidency if suddenly the Trump brand lost its currency and was perceived as a liability? In Toronto, at least, a Trump sign is being taken down from a building which licensed the Trump brand. Is this the start of a trend? It may be that Trump’s relinquishing the Presidency could accelerate the devaluation of the brand. Don’t anyone tell him. Either way, the man behind the brand is not the same man that was campaigning. Broken promises, juvenile Tweets, incessant belly-aching about how mean the Media is to him – without taking the initiative to control the narrative – not to mention the First Lady’s refusal to hold his hand during a state visit, are all signs of a weak, ineffective, inept, troubled, and, if not controlled, certainly undisciplined and immature individual. The Brand is a reflection of the man, not the other way around. And it’s becoming increasingly more toxic.

Wednesday. Trump tweets: “The fake News is becoming more and more dishonest! Even a dinner arranged for top 20 leaders is made to look sinister!” He neglected to add “Sad!” … to which I responded: “aaawwww….did little Donny have his feelings hurt again? Poor baby!”

I ask you to underline the word ‘look’ because Trump is all about positioning, branding, how things look and not how things really are, which is the topic of discussion in this most excellent Bloomberg article.

As Trump’s World Turns, he now regrets having Jeff Sessions on his team. More whining. If he doesn’t want Sessions on board here are two words he could employ – and this may seem like a refresher course – ‘you’re fired!’

Thursday. Ann Coulter tweeted: Who’s going to tell Trump? It wasn’t Sessions’ recusal that led to Special Counsel; It was Trump’s own boasting to Lester Holt 2 mos later.

This is from the woman who predicted on Bill Maher’s show that Trump was going to win. Also, today I learn that 12% of the people who voted for Trump are now having second thoughts. I am not alone.  But, who to replace him with? Pence would be even more controlled by the deep state.

That chat with Putin paid off. Trump ends the funding of Rebels trying to topple Assad. Good job, Putin!

Friday. Trump is looking into pardoning himself and his family. That’s like a bank robber who plans a robbery and finds out someone else robbed the bank before him, and now seeks to pardon himself. Spicer was shoved out of the White House in what could be termed a ‘constructive dismissal’ after Anthony Scaramucci scored the WH Communications Director post, which Sean had coveted. It’s turning into a Sopranos episode.

With Trump’s ratings sliding to 36% what better sure-fire way to revive his popularity than pose with made-in-America products!  Actually, the only sure-fire way to jack polls back up is a war, and if the State Department’s upcoming travel ban to N. Korea is any clue, we are headed for war. It worked for Bush #43. Only this time, it will result in a world war over time, the conflagration to end all wars, and perhaps even fulfill Albert Pike’s prediction. It’s no coincidence that Arabs are up in arms suddenly over the new security measures placed on Temple Mount. The rats are cornered and war is their only escape.

The historic NYT interview should dispel any notions that Trump is an intellectual. Numerous times he erred in his portrayal of historical events, even recent events like his firing of James Comey, which he describes as Comey retiring.  But, again, this is all part of the Braggadocios Billionaire Bullshit Syndrome, from which he can’t extricate himself, if he even tried. It is what it is.

But, you’ve got to wonder who threatened Trump or how much they offered him to appoint Scaramuchi as Communications director after what he had to say about Trump in 2015:

“I’ll tell you who he’s gonna be president of, and you can tell Donald I said this, ‘the Queens County bullies’ association’. I don’t like the way he talks about women. I don’t like the way he talks about Megyn Kelly… You’re an inherited money dude from Queens County, bring it, Donald.”

It is what it is. Do you feel like your chain is being yanked? If the media is not making a big deal about it, you know something is very wrong, as in ‘Wall Street is in control’ wrong.

Here’s the scoop on Scaramucci. The highlights speak for themselves: supported Obama in 2008; funded Hillary in 2016; all schmooze; doesn’t believe in Walls.

He’s the perfect guy for Trump. No soul, all business, a lot of ‘flexibility’, easy on the eyes, the kind ofguy you’d hire to muscle your opposition into silence. Think ‘Scarface’ without the scar.

By next Sunday we could be at war with N. Korea. I say this with 90% confidence. The truth is not meant for popular consumption, because if the masses ever discovered that another country was in control of our nation there would be hell to pay.  How long can you keep the lid on the truth? As long as you control the narrative through the media. As soon as you start losing control you are in deep trouble* – *let’s keep it clean. Oliver Stone, bless his heart, has the temerity to tell the truth. Cynthia McKinney is another par excellence truth-teller who would rather die for telling the truth than live for covering it. When the truth edges to the surface, ever closer to becoming part of the mainstream narrative, the forces that want the truth contained begin scrambling like cornered rats. And war is usually the best distraction to keep the masses under control.

This kind of sleight of hand may have worked in the past when only newspapers and television news dominated the news cycle. But, now that we have alternative news and social media to disseminate the word faster than you can say ‘draw’, the time for playing the masses like fiddle is over, which is the reason why many of the prophecies in the Old Testament concerning Israel will be fulfilled.

You see, the truth is Israel controls America. Kushner is emblematic of that control. He is a chip off the old block. Like his father, he will take down family if he has to, because the ends justify the means. This is what a predatory, supremacist, ‘us-and-them’ philosophy calls for. It relies on every form of deception and subterfuge to reach its ends.  When the world finally wakes up to this truth, Israel will be toast, but not before Israel exercises its Samson Option. Take it to the bank. Soon, very soon, we will be seeing a lot of this.