If Israel says it, it must be so

It looks like Sessions and Tillerson are next to go. I wouldn’t discount Priebus opting for early retirement. From Trump’s latest assault on Sessions, as he bemoaned his AG’s reticence in prosecuting Hillary Clinton, we could conclude Trump is not completely controlled or he is, but would rather go out heroically as a martyr (think JFK) than as a mouse.  I can’t see how he’ll put handcuffs on Hillary without first neutralizing her killing machine. Unless, the Russians decide they need to take matters into their own hands and surreptitiously neutralize the Clintons without a trace. It’s only Monday. For a 200K ft perspective refer to Benjamin Fulford’s analysis.

An ignition switch is vital for combustion. What could possibly ignite America into a civil war or, better still, a freefall into dystopia? The Republicans ousting the President by invoking ‘failure to obey’ in his administration would work. Catching the President in a series of inconsistent proclamations might do the trick. Trump going after Hillary Clinton would definitely trigger his expulsion.  The globalists don’t really care how the chaos manifests itself, as long as their version of ‘order’ becomes the solution. Trump, wittingly or unwittingly, may be playing into their hand.  He resembles a pin-ball that bounces for the nearest next 10 points. His rally in Ohio reminds me of a jet about to stall looking for lift.

Case in point: He bashed, trashed, and exfoliated Hillary Clinton during the election, which was the right tack to take.  But upon getting elected he does a 180 and goes as far as to ask the American people to join him in thanking Hillary for her services, and follows with a promise to not investigate her.  That, alone, torqued his followers the wrong way. Sessions took his cue and backed off from Hillary. Now, Trump, as though he can’t recall what he blurted six months ago, broadsides Sessions for not going after Hillary. Do you see the short circuit? These are the kind of inconsistencies that maybe a Braggadocios Billionaire can get away with on the set of Apprentice, but it doesn’t wash either with the American People or the rank and file of the Senate. This is the ignition switch that could bring the country down. Give it a month.

To regain his ballast, Trump may calculate – or it may be calculated for him – that a war may be in order to create the necessary distraction – which would only sink his ship faster.  No sooner than the ink dries and we learn that he approves the mounting of a 1-ton warhead on S. Korea missiles. War is almost palpable. The question is will it happen before or after the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang next February? My sense: before.

Wednesday. Right on cue, DPRK vows to launch a preemptive nuke strike on the US, tomorrow, July 27, which will most likely take the form of a missile launch aimed at US installations in S. Korea. For Kim to launch a war he must have the confidence that Russia, China and Iran are on his corner. Here’s how events will unfold, and keep in mind this is not just another political-geopolitical news site; this is a site that chronicles events leading up to the Second Coming of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ: 

1. DPRK launches preemptive strike on S. Korea, targeting US installations

2. The US responds in kind with a contained limited counter-attack (keep in mind the military industrial complex needs a protracted war)

3. DPRK bears down on S. Korea with an all out invasion consisting of artillery barrage and millions of troops

4. The US ups the ante on DPRK and also barges into Syria full-bore to take out Assad

5. Russia steps in the fray in Syria’s defense

6. Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas see their opportunity and launch tactical strikes on Israel and US

7. China bides it’s time. With a nondescript navy it waits for Russian and Iran to soften the US

8. Israel, seeing it’s cornered and EU is not coming to its aid, uses the Sampson option and begins launching ICBMs on major European cities

9. The US is now counting on NATO to push into Russia, but Russia and China combine forces to repel the invasion (why do you think they’ve been holding joint military exercises?)

10. The US is crushed from within and without. China, Russia and DPRK use submarines to nuke seaboard cities along both oceans and the Gulf of Mexico.

11. China pushes south in Support of Russia and Iran to defend Syria and annihilate S. Arabia and Israel. With the US weakened, China plows through India, SE Asia and Australia

12. At the last moment, prior to Israel’s complete annihilation, their Messiah appears on the Mount of Olives and destroys all invading armies. He binds Satan, causes a global earthquake, and the dead are resurrected. The long awaited Millennium has begun – a thousand years of peace.

My sense is that DPRK will launch the preemptive strike on July 28th, not the 27th. Here we clearly arrive at a critical juncture, wherein DPRK sets forth its final demand: that the US kneel and apologize to the Korean peoples for its aggression. It is the last peaceful gesture by N. Korea before the breakout of war. It is, to western eyes, a ridiculous demand sought by an ego-maniacal dictator in search for relevance, but also the counsel of the mother-ship, China, which knows that the situation is untenable and that the longer the wait the mightier the enemy becomes. Rationally, I hope I am wrong. Intuitively, I sense I am right.

Friday the 28th. North Korea fired another missile – possibly an ICBM – that landed in Japanese territorial waters. China has reinforced its border with N. Korea to avert a possible stampede into China. It’s high noon. The world is locked and loaded.

On to the Mooch. His wife is filing for divorce. That’s all I have to say, other than that he and Trump are cut out of the same cloth. Priebus has been replaced by John F. Kelly. The soap opera goes on unabated.

I am not the only own criticizing Trump. When the Jerusalem Post refers to the White House as a Circus, there is no wiggle room. Megalomaniac Trump is out of control in his own Wonderland.  A man who has no compunction using nuclear weapons, who believes the families of terrorists should also be killed, who incites police to assault detainees, who believes asset forfeiture is acceptable, and who  hires an obscene muscle-head like the Mooch to do his dirty work belongs in a padded room.