The White House Soap Opera

I’m still trying to figure out why Trump hired the Mooch in the first place, not why he just fired him. Word is that Kelly ordered the hit. That means Trump is not capable of picking the right people.  That means he needs to go, which means the very generals he trusts will be sending him packing in a coup at some point. McMaster, Kelly and Mattis are biding their time, Pence is holding Bible study sessions with cabinet members in the white House to appeal to the Christian Right, and North Korea is in our cross-hairs. Let’s not forget that Trump delegated the authority to launch an attack on any country to his generals.  If the Syrian false flag was a beta-test, the Generals will likely stage a false flag, pin it on DPRK, and launch a surgical strike. Then, all bets are off.

It’s only Monday.

Further evidence that Trump may be a few cards short of a full deck is his statement: Social media is the only way for me to get the truth out.

No, it isn’t. You have a golden opportunity to run a WH TV channel. Anyone suggested that before? Go on every Sunday night for a fireside chat, like Roosevelt used to do, and tell us the TRUTH, like who bought you, who co-opted you, who blackmailed you, who is really running the United States and if the Pope is married.  Besides, 42% of your Twitter followers are fake.  Do your research. And a lot of people have deleted their Facebook accounts to stick it to Zuckerberg. So, forget Facebook. And start following some real people on Twitter. You are following 45 people on Twitter, and one of them is Vince McMahon, which explains why the WH has been run like the WWE.

It’s all about the drama and the ratings, and let’s not forget the Trump brand. Next thing you know, Trump will hire Kissinger, who will fire Kelly. We have 3.5 more years of this. He gets to plug his brand and play President in exchange for ceding all control to US foreign policy to his controllers. As long as he doesn’t step out of line, they’ll play him like a fiddle. If he makes a wrong move and tries to become ‘Presidential’ he ends up like Lincoln or JFK or McKinley.  We’ve seen that movie before.

This is why I keep saying over and over that we need a Constitutional overhaul from the bottom-up. The nation is still very young and flexible. The Constitution was not cast in stone. It evolved. 27 Amendments were added to it. It’s time for People Power, Hive Mind Constitutional Direct Democracy that protects minorities while allowing the Public to run its own Affairs – ‘Republic’ (Res-Publica) means just that. We need to start discussing the issue in public forums and in our homes. If Representatives can’t do our bidding, then the People must take control of the decision-making process through plebiscites.  We can still elect representatives, but the People have final veto. Read my short paper.

We made it to Wednesday. LA wasn’t nuked. The United States of Israel are safe for one more day.

At a 38% approval rating, the man who believes asset forfeiture and killing terrorists’ families and taking the oil from countries we liberate, and a little police brutality, all of the above is OK, signs the sanctions Bill, and calls it flawed because it will further unite Iran, China, Russia and N. Korea against us. Then, why did you sign it? Mr. checkers player gets told how to run the country and then worries about the constitutionality of the Bill. This is what you call: Gaslighting the American People. Slickster Trump is a bought and paid for puppet doing you-know-who’s bidding. Quinnipiac poll, btw, only gives him a 33% approval rating. “I am signing this bill for the sake of national unity.” Really? You could have fouled me! Why are you dissing the GOP if you signed the damn Bill?

This soap opera has got to stop. Trump has to figure out a reason to step down. He has GOT to move over and let another bought and paid for putz, who has signed the AIPAC pledge, take over and at least sound intelligent. And now he is thinking of sending McMaster to command troops in Afghanistan, because he knows the general hasn’t really taken to him or Bannon. Trump is getting as paranoid as Kin Jong-Un. And why are we in Afghanistan in the first place, if not to protect the poppy fields – 700,000 of them, each the size of a football field?This bull in the china shop is the same bombastic, braggadocios, buffoon who took his own company under and had to be bailed out. It’s the same kid whose parents had to send to a military academy to knock some discipline into him. It’s the same aggressive, compulsive potty-mouthed billio who was born on third base and wants us to think he started from scratch. This guy has got to go. We are married to America not to a dysfunctional embarrassment. At least, I am. I can only speak for myself.

I’ve connected the dots. The puppet masters will let Trump continue to disgrace the office of the Presidency so that next time people look to elect someone, they will never again elect another independent-thinking maverick.