The United States of Israel

The chained monkey and the organ grinder continue to entertain us. Trump is still President. The People are still powerless. Have a nice week.

Tuesday. The People are powerless and screwed. Trump’s got to go. The WWE fixed matches are wearing thin. If 45,000 people can pack an arena to watch a choreographed fight and believe it’s real, you can get 45,000 people to vote for a buffoon like Trump. It’s the sizzle not the steak they are selling us.

Intelligent sources are seeing the writing on the wall: Executive Action is next for DJT; Trump is being death marched to his destruction. Then, Martial law will make sure any opposition to the NWO is muzzled or exterminated. If predictive programming means anything to you watch Man in the High Castle.

Just feed the sheeple stories of new market highs, and job creation and they won’t stampede.  I hate to break it to you Zio-Globalists Synagogue of Satan. The Chinese, the Russians and the Iranians have caught on to your scam. Pack up while you still have a chance. And if Trump wants poll numbers to go up, instead of sparking a war with N. Korea, how about shaving his head to look like Eisenhower. It’s childish statements like: ‘N. Korea will be met with fire and fury… and, frankly, power, the likes of which they have never seen before’ that relegate you to the trash-bin of history.

Trump’s only option with North Korea is war, because if the great negotiator manages to bring peace to the region, he still has a popularity deficit he can’t possible overcome with domestic treats. But, the Zio-Globalists neocons will push him into war to implode the system. Then, watch the Fed-propped DOW plummet to 15,000 or lower. Look at the Baltic Dry Index. It was at 11,600 this time in 2008. Where is it now?

The United State of Israel will annihilate N. Korea, as a warning to any other nondescript nation that dares threaten Israel or sell weapons to Israel’s enemies.