Trump Stares at Eclipse

A President who stares into the eclipse desires to go blind. It’s a metaphor for a President who has been co-opted. This is not the same man who was going to re-open 9/11 or stop the interventionism and nation-building. The only America First component of his promise that he is keeping is ensuring the arms manufacturers stay profitable and the American Jewish lobby that put him into power – compliments of Jared Kushner – stays happy.

Trump by legitimizing the defunct official 9/11 narrative in his Afghan speech is signaling to the world that he has been compromised and koshered. China knows this, as does Russia, Iran and North Korea. There is little else to do now than to continue on the path of destabilization and warmongering – the neocons’ alma mater – as the Israeli tail continues to wag the American dog. If you want more proof, contrast the tepid applause after Trump’s speech on Afghanistan to the twenty-nine standing ovations Netanyahu received from Congress. Even Ultra-Orthodox Jews are repulsed by the debauchery. If you don’t think we are living in the last days, comfort yourself with sports and shopping, everything will be just A-OK.

That Trump’s approval ratings are at a historic low, should not be a surprise. In an era of instant communications, word is out that the people have been, once again, fleeced and fandangled by the usual two-step , where the President’s promises, and Congress obstructs. Trump blames Congress for obstructionism and Congress blames Trump for an overactive imagination. Soon, a new election will see a new Presidential candidate promise the people the Moon, the People will swallow the bait, hook-line-and-sinker, and we’ll be back to where we are now. It’s time for Direct Democracy. If you can’t see it, there’s nothing I can do to help you.Perhaps you didn’t notice the Bill Congress signed legalizing warrant-less searches. Does Congress really represent you? Would you not want to have the power to veto such Bills? Or are you just going to vote the culprits out of office in the next election after the damage is done? Do you want a list of enemies of the state? Look no further than those who sign Bills that denigrate the Constitution. And in the latest WWE face-off, the AJC body-slammed Trump for pardoning Sheriff Arpaio. See? That’s the proof. Trump is not owned by Jews.