End Game: Balkanize America

We begin the week with the UN censuring American free speech.  Problem, reaction, solution. The problem is not free speech. The problem is the communist-fascist-zionist-nihilist elements that provoke hate and their media complex. The end game is the balkanization of America to roll out the new world order. With the House quietly passing a Bill that legalizes warrant-less searches and permits our foreign policy to dovetail with Israel’s foreign policy there is little left to the imagination. When the Republican party is funded by Soros and speaker Ryan persistently sabotages efforts to restore order in the nation while the Democrats turn a blind eye to Wasserman Schultz, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and John Podesta, this should serve as notice that the organic Republic of  1789 has ceased to exist. We are in uncharted waters and Trump could very well be the last President.

The 100,000 threshold has been reached petitioning the White House to consider George Soros a terrorist. Will the WH act?

We end the week with North Korea testing another nuclear weapon. If we are to rely on Trump’s promises this means his next move will be military, not diplomatic, as in ‘fiery fury’.