Trump’s Flip Flops

Will this be the week when all hell breaks loose? By now, we have grown accustomed to Trump’s thuggery of threatening oblivion, promising the impossible, leveraging to the utmost, pushing his way to the front of the photo-op lineups, masquerading as a do-good-er people’s President minus the jeans and sweat-shirt, and telling the Mexican President the Wall is merely political fodder. His flip-flopping on DACA, NATO, interventionism, and a litany of other issues, and his upholding the NDAA should prove conclusively that the man who dodged the draft and had to be sent to a Military Academy for discipline at the tenderage of thirteen is an incorrigible bully that’s all bluster and no bite.

Assange predicts Trump’s ousting should he block trade with China.  I predict a military coup will depose him. This is one out-of-control  freak of nature who couldn’t start a war let alone end one. His cat and mouse game with North Korea is proof of his timidity in the face of existential threat, and explains amply why he has relegated the levers of war to his generals. He is as far removed from reality as he is from the Constitution – his approval of asset forfeiture and the killing of terrorists families should be a clue.

America is faced with a dilemma: should we allow this Nero to extinguish our civilization or should we devolve into pre-1776 America and re-engineer the nation with a new Constitution that designates the People as that last appellate?

On Monday Trump was going to deport DACA youth. On Thursday he told them they have nothing to worry about – the same thing he had told them in April. How about Trump take a long vacation past 2024?

Any President who tells survivors of the worst hurricane in history: “have a good time” or tries to be funny by complimenting rescue teams with “no rest for the weary” needs to step down, resign, abdicate, get the hell out of town, Mr. President who needs to remind the crowds you are President of the United States of America. You were born on third base and you can’t score a home run. That will be your legacy!