The 9/11 Lie

In total, I would estimate that I have spent close to 200 hours researching 9/11 from every possible angle. When your house has been blown to smithereens and the police tell you the cause was fire, your first inclination is to examine the video tapes and call for an impartial investigation. If the facts don’t add up, you demand answers and hunt down the perpetrators.

Anyone who has not taken the time to thoroughly research 9/11 at this late stage, in my books is either un-American, at best, or an enemy combatant, at worst.  And any President who touts the vacuous official narrative that Islamists with box-cutters, unable to fly a Cessna did 9/11 or that fires can cause buildings to be reduced to the consistency of talcum power is either a puppet, at best, or an enemy of the American people, at worst. Trump is most likely the former.

The perpetrators are well known and recognized by anyone who has dug deep enough. Karma can be a real pain, and the noose is tightening on the scum that did 9/11.  You can not hide behind your sacred books or wrap yourself in flags you have hijacked. Your fate is sealed. And by Almighty God, you will pay for your crimes a hundredfold.

Notice how Trump has brandished his new God-fearing brand for his Dominionist supporters – what’s left of them. Marketing 101.