Americans want war with North Korea

With 58% of Americans favoring military action against North Korea and Iran threatening to retaliate should the nuclear deal be scrapped, while Hezbollah and Syria taunt Israel – that has celebrated its first US base on its territory – and as McMaster urges for quick decisive action against DPRK, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude we are living in the end times before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

The planet has crossed the Rubicon. The last Trump mentioned in Mathew 24:31 is about to sound. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Satan is scrambling to make gains in this war of attrition by controlling world leaders and potentates. In the final battle God will win. Then all the liars, sorcerers and adulterers will have wished they had reformed their ways.  Now is the time to change course. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

As for the Saudis, the seed of Esau, that asks for the world to tolerate its practices, customs and traditions while it prohibits Jewish or Christian places of worship within its borders, read the book of Obadiah for a preview.  Don’t blame me. I didn’t write it. Take it up with God.

As pensions for public workers are cut – by as much as 90% – expect the US to enter a sever depression and a potential market crash. Pennsylvania has now joined bankrupt Illinois and Puerto Rico. And as China and Venezuela stop using the petrol-dollar, expect other countries to follow suit and for the dollar to crash.

Are you still not convinced we are living in the end times after Trump’s speech to the UN? When Iran is supplying Hezbollah, and the exporter of war, the American Police Force of the world, builds its first base in Israel, while Russia flexes its muscle in war games and disregards Israel’s request for a 60Km buffer zone along its border?