The Samson Option

We are to believe that a lone gunman, equipped with ten weapons, made his way into his hotel room without any surveillance cameras tracking his moves, from where he smashed not one but two windows and shot 558 people in 240 seconds of rapid gunfire.  We are also to believe that the police can change its story about how he was killed and about his girlfriend’s whereabouts. First they told us he committed suicide, then they told us he was gunned down.  We are to believe that a man without a criminal record or mental health history simply decided to kill as many people as possible. How about showing me the surveillance videos of all activity outside Paddock’s room before and after the shootings. And while you’re at it, show me the videos recorded by the 80+ cameras when the Pentagon was hit on 9/11.

Personally, after 9/11, Sandy Hook, Columbine, the Boston bombing, and the Iraqi war, I don’t believe any official news report. I do believe, however, that there are elements that want to repeal the 2nd Amendment, because after all folks, no invading force wants to do battle with an armed citizenry.

Yes, we are feeling the terror Israel has felt. And perhaps Israel is now coming to the realization that the Samson option must be invoked. After all, Iran is closing in, Russia is aiding North Korea, and Hezbollah is preparing a war that Israel knows it cannot win. So what better way to end civilization than with Armageddon? What better to end America than by thinning out its armies and disarming its citizens? What better to inflict pain than with terror on a massive scale?

If 9/11 is any indication, the next false flag will be the mother of all false flags.  Who will be behind it? The usual suspects.

Thursday. We just learned that Live Shooter Drills were held a day before at the Mandalay. For the Goyim that still don’t get it, that means that the ammo and the guns were hauled up the elevators the day before and the dead Paddock body was propped after the fact. That explains the 72 minute delay in swat team reaction. Also, it explains the shooter disguised as a security guard running away. Connect the dots. The planners had this one planned just like the Boston Bombing and 9/11, to see how stupid the American public is in believing the MSM horse manure that a lone wolf did it under the influence of anti-psychotic drugs. Satan is laughing at your imbecile gulliblethinking. Wake Up!! Until and unless the top tier perps are rounded up and crated this kind of terror will keep up.