Netahyahu & Israel’s future

Nothing changes without a complaint. The more people complain the more likely the change. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. At least, that’s the theory. But, what if the wheel is square?In an attempt to take the power from the elite and give it back to the People certain individuals are not only complaining but also doing something about it. And I have joined their movement to give the People their country back. More on that later. Bottom line:  we are going for eDemocracy where the People – not their bought and paid for career representatives – have control of the government.

On the North Korean front, we are at a tipping point where we either follow-up on our threats to Kim Jong Un or we back off.  Trump is sending out all kinds of false signals to confuse DPRK. We hear of decapitation forces landing by submarine, of air craft carriers mooring in S. Korea, of military strategies in flux, and of new S. Korean strategies. Tomorrow we may hear of startling new developments, like Trump recalling 1,000 Air Force Pilots from retirement. One thing everyone neglects to consider is that DPRK may be also be smudging the red lines. China has a history of turning on its friends. It may turn on N. Korea. How do we know that China, Russia and the DPRK don’t have their own submarines parked off our shores ready to launch nuclear weapons? The notion that DPRK needs another five years before it can develop ICBMs capable of reaching the US  doesn’t hold water.  A complete pull-out from the Iran deal will only exacerbate the already fragile rapport we have with Iran, to Israel’s great satisfaction. And since Russia and China both back Iran, what better way to de-fang Iran than by taking on its backers first?

But Netanyahu also reads the Old Testament and knows that Israel may not live to see its 100th anniversary. He has said as much in a recent interview.  Israel is front and center in Biblical eschatology.

Whether or not Russia retaliates for Israel’s attacks on Syria remains to be seen. Russia may choose to pounce when Israel’s only ally is knocked off its feet first. Putin pretend to be hoarding gold, while at the same time he is promoting a new CryptoRubel as he realizes oil may soon be traded in something other than the petrodollar.  The die is cast. We’ve crossed the Rubel-con.  There is no turning back to the good old days.

I’m not sure how much longer this tension can go on. Something has to give, and when it does it will be like a dam burst. One final thought. This report coincides with my analysis. Israel needs as much infighting between Arab nations as possible in its bid to conquer by destabilization. Except time has run out. Iran, Russia, Syria and China are no longer giving Israel any leeway.