Iran at ‘land bridge’ to Golan Heights

In One Sentence

The dysfunctional left-right paradigm of incriminatory vitriol continues unabated as each party asserts a higher moral ground in the continuation of the US two-party Kabuki Theater, while Iran plans to build a military base in Syria, 35 miles north of Israel’s border, and Russia, Jordan and the US purportedly vow to restrict an Iranian presence, yet do not enforce a buffer zone and provoke Iran by constructing a permanent US base in Israel.


Saudi Arabia has been in the news with its purge of corrupt characters, including Prince Alwaleed Bin Tal, in what appears to be simply a massive transfer of wealth by those who control the military.  The purge comes at the wake of Iranian declarations of war through its proxy forces in Yemen.

Iran is undeterred in its pursuit to develop missiles and engulf Israel, as witnessed by the ousting of PM Hariri and its preparations to build a military base in Syria. Any talk by the EU to dismantle JCPOA accord will be met with ‘unexpected’ push-back from Iran. The rhetoric to curb Iran’s expansion into Syria by Jordan, Russia and the US is simply rhetoric. Iran relies on Russia for its oil and arms. Russia is clearly playing both sides against the middle.

As for Israel’s largest Air Force joint drills with Poland, Greece, Italy, Germany, India, US and France, this is nothing more than insurance for nations that don’t wish to be targeted in Israel’s Samson option, when all bets are off and the chips are down.  Israel is about to be swarmed by Jihadists, Iranians, and later by Chinese and Russian forces, when Israel goes nuclear. And it already has taken steps towards that end by signaling it has a free hand in Syria.

While all eyes are on Israel, Trump has been doing the Asian circuit to shore up US finances when his nation is technically bankrupt. Trade negotiations imply buying US debt in exchange for concessions, like letting China control the South China Sea. It’s noteworthy that Trump suggested China and the US could jointly solve all the world’s problems. But, then, in a faux pas, or out of pure bluster, he also said Russia and the US could jointly solve the world’s problems. Whatever works at the moment. It concerns me, and it should concern you, that Kissinger, the globalist puppet master, Rothschild front man, poured lavish Praise on Trump, calling him a phenomenon.  It could mean one of two things; either he is shielding himself before a possible Trump take-down, or he is playing Trump like a fiddle and feeding the sheeple some hay. Nothing that Kissinger says should be taken at face value.

As Trump continues to verbally hammer Kim Jong Un in a match of epithets, acronyms and pejoratives normally witnessed in grade school students, seven air carrier groups have arrived at the Korean Peninsula to send the final signal to Kim: back down or we will finish you off.  Will the war last days or months? If months, expect untold suffering in both South and North Korea. If only days, the attack would have to be sudden in a overwhelming shock and awe attack using every tactical weapon imaginable.  Would the US mainland be affected? That’s doubtful. Unless false flags are triggered to pin them on DPRK and rally the American people into revenge mode.

There is also the off-chance that Trump will be detained or deposed in a military coup should he embroil the US in a nuclear war.


If you are middle class and hoping for a tax break, don’t hold your breath. After mortgages deductions and other credits are thrown into the mix, it looks like you’ll end up paying more with Trump’s tax plan – an euphemism for a Senate and House negotiated plan.

Jeff Sessions, in the meantime, continues to drag his heels. Americans are screaming at him on social media to indict Hillary Clinton, Obama, Comey, Wasserman Schultz, and the rest of the copacetic comrades that are fueling unrest in the US. What ever happened to the petition to label Soros a domestic terrorist? Nothing.

The People are not being represented, and they are beginning to wake up to that fact. More and more there is talk of direct democracy taking over from the flawed and failing representative democracy. Not that we don’t have referendums and motions placed on ballots in the US; it’s just that on national issues the People are muted. Googling the term ‘direct democracy’ should prove that the concept is not simply a passing trend, it is on People’s minds, as is

I can think of only one group that would not be interested in direct democracy: the shareholders of the military-industrial-congressional-media complex. There is a lot of cash to be made with wars and media. Obviously, the controllers don’t want to lose control of the narrative.

To summarize: the US is ready to be plucked like a low-hanging fruit in God’s economy. Where law and order exists only for the people at the top the nation and the people suffer. The sum of all our fears is to witness heaven’s justice fall. But, it will. It always does. And the US will be no exception. The time for warning and preaching is over. It’s past midnight.

Any nation that can’t protect its children and women from predators and will use them for Satanic rituals is as good as a pile of ashes. This is how Israel was used in ancient times to clean up the morass of injustice and perversion in the progressive middle east. Politics and morality are inseparably intertwined. It is what it is.