Israel aligns with Saudi Arabia

In One Sentence

Distractions aside, the epicenter, Israel, is attempting to forge an alliance with Saudi Arabia so as to create the proxy force that will attack Iran, thus sparing Israel the headache, while Turkey, Russia and Iran meet to signal the US that the Kabuki Theater is over.

In national news, Mueller is investigating now Obama, Lynch and Jarrett in what could be another farce, since Mueller is directly implicated in Uranium One.  In a WikiLeaks disclosure he has been singled out as the courier who delivered Uranium samples to the Russians. There are still no signs that Jeff Sessions is about to call on a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton, prompting me to launch a petition for his removal. Some argue that behind the scenes he is working feverishly to line up the evidence or that grand juries have already been convened in secret and sealed indictments have been served. I’m not buying it. My sense is that the deep state has compromised many politicos who have become, as a result, all bark and no bite, including Trey Gowdy, the master raconteur. Mueller, having come empty handed on Russian collusion, is requesting documents form the DOJ that might prove Trump tried to obstruct the investigation by firing Comey. The timing is suspect. Why now and not sooner? Is he running out of ammo? Is he trying to justify the budget allocation by prolonging the investigation? Very likely.

Zooming out to geopolitical territory, there are signs that a tectonic shift is about to take place in the world banking system. Gold-backed currencies, mass arrests and betrayals are on the horizon, according to reports by former Forbes bureau chief, Benjamin Fulford. I must see it to believe it. We’ll know it has occurred when the mass media are no longer toeing the line by spewing the same tired narrative and notable names appear in headlines, pending their trial.

Hillary Clinton is a topic all its own. It appears that the left is starting to throw her under the bus, if that is at all imaginable. MSNBC’s Chris Mathews blasted her for her “deplorables” comment! What’s the world coming to? To add injury to insult, four new women are now accusing Bill. Is the rape enabler going to throw in the towel? What could she possibly benefit by staying married?

It doesn’t end there.  When McMaster calls his boss by names, which are better left unsaid, one wonders if the White House is not turning into the three ringed circus we were so used to when the Mooch had taken center stage. This is not a Presidency. This is a reality show.  Stay tuned.