The Swamp Critters

In One Sentence

While Trump wants the names of Congressmen who availed themselves of the slush fund to hush the people they sexually assaulted, and while the DOJ is bent on revoking the citizenship of anyone who has plead guilty to having sexually assaulted minors, and while Judicial Watch uncovers new FBI files that suggest there is a conflict of interest between Andrew McCabe, the FBI Deputy Director, in his involvement with the Clinton investigation – as his wife funded Hillary’s campaign – and while a dozen or so State Department Obama holdovers are taking the axe to Rex Tillerson, Netanyahu stresses that Iran’s presence in Syria is untenable, even when he is under investigation for graft.

And for good measure, we are led to believe that the US has targeted 400 chemical labs in Afghanistan. Are these competing labs that take business away from the sanctioned labs? Why are they only now being taken out? Why not completely burn the poppy fields, instead? Who benefits from record poppy field harvests?

And when Judicial Watch requests to view the FBI documents of the tarmac meetings between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, it is told to wait six weeks. This is how the swamp delays, distracts, obfuscates and obstructs. We learn, just now, that Fusion GPS was paid over a million dollars by the DNC and the Clinton campaign, thanks to a bevy of records that have been released – most of the redacted, of course.