Trump on Rampage

The above tweet requires commenting. What do you think lurks underneath the Trump mystique? I can think of only one word: Ego.  There are few men in industry, the military, education or philanthropy that can match Trump’s Ego.  First, that he would stoop that low to exchange views with a mouthy democrat with the intellectual acuity of a blubbering ingrate, shows just how far Trump is willing to go to protect his Ego. We’ve seen this whenever he doubles down. The most recent episode in the soap opera were his remarks to the widow of the fallen US Marine in Niger.

I can’t even imagine what he would do if ISIS ever was to harm his son, Barron. Melania has made it known that she will personally gouge out Obama’s eyes. Trump’s followers – and I supported him during the election only because the alternative would have been an even greater disaster – seem to believe that he is infallible and immune from wrongdoing, when nothing could be further from the truth. To understand Trump, you must first understand his upbringing. His father molded him into a cut-throat competitor where the only benchmark worth considering is Winning. It was also drilled into him that branding was the formula to winning. This is why Trump thinks of people as winners or losers and why he told the US Coast Guard that their “brand’ had gone up following the two hurricanes. This is why he is so intent on making sure everyone knows of his accomplishments, and why he is fixated to polls.

I don’t dip my toe in the swamp. Stories about Moore, Jones, Menendez, Weinstein and the rest of the morass don’t interest me. There have always been scandals within the masses. I focus on stories that affect our national security and that correlate to end times prophecy. For example, Iran staking its territory in Syria is significant. Netanyahu stating that he will not allow Iran to establish a permanent presence in the region is even more significant. Trump sharing intel with Putin on movement of assets in the Middle East, to Israel’s consternation, is significant. The alignment of Iran, Turkey, Russia is a ten. The Arabian League foaming at the mouth, and the transfer of wealth from imprisoned Saudi royals to the heir apparent are historic events worth monitoring.

What appears to be happening in the Middle East is more Kabuki Theater. On the one hand the US has opened its first military base in Israel as it remains in Northern Syria to control the oil flow – without Syria’s approval – while Trump engages in backdoor diplomacy with Putin. North Korea, known to equip Iran’s military research, continues to remain a threat, but only in light of it’s alignment with Iran. Pakistan, for example, has nuclear weapons, but no one is condemning Pakistan because it does not represent an indirect or direct threat to Israel.

Wars are fought by proxy forces, which for the most part are mercenaries for hire to the highest bidder. Hezbollah and Hamas are Iran’s and Lebanon’s proxy forces. ISIS, Daesh, Al Qaeda (when was the last time they were in the news?) are US-Israeli-Saudi mercenaries that will re-direct their attacks on a dime, if the price is right.

The linchpin is Congress – that blackmailed group that acts very much like a proxy force for Israel. For example, a new USA Liberty Act is sponsored and expected to pass. It will legalize warrant-less searches, in contravention of the 4th Amendment. This is in addition to the NDAA that authorizes the Federal Government to kill any citizen, and the Patriot Act that can see citizens imprisoned without due process. And we point the finger at North Korea! The theater on domestic issues such as tax reform and immigration is meant to distract us, while covertly the Republic is dismantled without any reporting by the MSM. This is how the United States of America is controlled. And Trump, who is for asset forfeiture and has not repealed the NDAA or the Patriot Act – as he promised during his campaign – is complicit to the nth degree. Don’t let talk of job creation and building the wall distract you from the do-or-die Constitutional issues.

Trump’s only ambition is that his brand goes up.  By “brand” I mean both his polls and his empire. Aside from reports that Tillerson called him a moron and McMaster called him a kindergartner, Trump allegedly has been paid handsomely and in secret to carry out the elite’s agenda, as dictated by Henry Kissinger. It’s then no wonder that the MSM won’t focus on his indiscretions with women – walking into the Miss America changing room and talking to naked women would be one. The gag order remains, for now.  The elite have a way of throwing under the bus their useful idiots. The Ouroboros (a snake eating its tail) is symbolic of their modus operandi. If needed, they will devour their own if it’s in their longer term interests. This is how Satan has always operated.

One last observation.  When we hear that the US military is pummeling drug labs in Afghanistan, we must ask if these are the competition’s, and why aren’t the poppy fields destroyed, instead. Trump would rather we don’t ask such questions. After all, the only thing that really matters is that his name is in the limelight.