Trump’s woes

How many times have we heard Trump underline the “mess” he has “inherited”. Whether it’s the economy or the Middle East, he never fails to let us know that he didn’t just assume the Presidency – and the numerous challenges the office presents to any incumbent – but that he, specifically, has been burdened with unparalleled obstacles – a real “mess”.  First of all, what President did not inherit a mess? Secondly, what President did not create a “mess” intentionally to feed the military-industrial complex?

As Trump continues to pour troops into Afghanistan, Syria, Niger, Somalia and Billions of Dollars into the military while looking to trim welfare rolls, we must ask ourselves who is he really fooling? I’m neither a capitalist nor a socialist; I’m a pragmatist. Yes, I’m all for a merit-based economy. If I’m going to tender my labor I want to get paid by the highest bidder. Yes, I want to earn my down-payment for my mortgage and car payment. Yes, I want to repay my student loans. I don’t want a free ride. But, when I have to bail out the too big to fail banks, pay for a slush fund that silences victims of sex assault instigated by my Congressmen, when my neighborhood is turned into a high crime area because the Government is indirectly responsible for the opioid crisis, when I can’t find work because entire industries have moved offshore, when I can’t afford my health-care, when I have to pay into the multi trillion dollar black hole of wars that profit the few, when my Attorney General, whose salary I pay, no longer has the balls to prosecute careers criminals, when the Constitution is thrown out the window because of Executive Orders that can arrest me, search me and kill me without due process, you better believe I will want my share of the pie pro bono; rest assured I will want to be fed, housed, and protected by my weapons and ammunition until such time as I can get back on my feet.

And God help you if you call me lazy.  Don’t walk. Run. I am willing to wager that’s how most American’s feel. It’s not about being a liberal or conservative fiscally. It’s about being pragmatic. If Corporate Welfare exists at my expense, you better believe I’ll want a 1% Wall Street Tax slapped on every trade to pay for my healthcare, pay down the national debt and upgrade infrastructure. You better believe I’ll ask Trump to pay his estate taxes when he kicks the bucket, so he can get me out my “mess”.

If you are not sure about Trump’s 180’s, please listen to this interview from July 2017. Now, you may be married – figuratively – to Donald Trump. I am not. I am married to America, and as a Patriot it is my duty to put America first and call out a President who has gone AWOL. You, on the other hand, who is married to Trump, and thinks he can do no wrong, and has been totally in control from day one, you need to become an American First patriot.