Trump v Swamp

It was a matter of time. Now, Flynn is prepared to testify against Trump and his family and White House staff, citing that Trump, as a Presidential candidate, asked Flynn to contact Russia. Flynn admits he lied to the FBI and claims it was Jared Kushner how instructed him to contact the Russian Ambassador. Then, Flynn lied to Pence that he had any contact with the Russians. That explains why Trump viewed Flynn as a liability and had to toss him out. That doesn’t negate the fact that Flynn received payments for his consulting services to the Turkish government. Rumors that Tillerson will be replaced by Pompeo are simply fake news, according to Trump.

But, why was Flynn so cagey about contacting the Russian Ambassador? What was at stake? At stake was a UN resolution that needed to be delayed. Why delayed? Because if passed it would adversely impact Israel. Kushner, at Trump’s bidding, and, in turn, at the behest of Netanyahu needed time to cajole not only the Russians, but other nations to vote against the resolution. So, Flynn stepped forward and cut a deal with the Russians: if they would delay the vote in the UN, the US would look the other way on the sanctions that were imposed on Russia by Obama’s administration. Nothing happens without a quid pro quo. Flynn’s lying to Mike Pence is really irrelevant. It’s the fact that he lied to the FBI director that makes him a criminal. Once again, a plea bargain took place. Flynn would get a slap on the wrist if he would reveal dirt on Trump, his family and the WH to Mueller.

Trump’s position is that he would have instructed Flynn to contact the Russians irrespective of the circumstance. But the fact that Flynn told the FBI he never contacted the Russians gives neither Trump or Flynn any wiggle room. Had Flynn simply admitted to contacting the Russians, he would not be in a position of bargaining with the FBI at Trump’s detriment. In essence, a black hole opened up in a Catch-22 situation.

It doesn’t end there. Trump, in an apparent flip-flop to save his hide, now claims he fired Flynn not for lying to Pence, but for lying to the FBI.

The blowback for ABC incorrectly reporting that Trump, as a “candidate”, not as president-elect, instructed Flynn to contact the Russians had its ramification. Brian Ross was suspended without pay for a month after ABC retracted its story.

In other news, The DOJ has taken over and arrested the illegal immigrant who killed Kate Steinle. Which begs the question: are non-citizens immune from double-jeopardy?