Jerusalem: World’s Lightning Rod

Like lightning the news that Jerusalem is recognized as Israel’s capital by the Unites States spread around the globe in a flash. Simultaneously, voices of assent and dissent clamor for attention in a world kept together by a fragile peace. The Arab world, including Israel’s ally, Saudi Arabia, has gone apoplectic; Moscow prefers the former Jerusalem; the Pope urges that the city be declared a world capital; others, like Jewish Rabbi Menachem Froman, would like the city to become the seat of the United Nations; and, then there is the hypothetical Illuminati vision of it becoming the epicenter of the new world order.

Trump may have used this card as the quid, in exchange for the quo, a two state solution, only after Israel has been pummeled into submission by various enemies. Concessions sometimes require some arm-bending.

The Evangelical Christians see the development as another necessary step towards the fulfillment of ancient prophesy that includes the building of the Third Temple and the Ezekiel war that preface the Second Coming. Erdogan views it as Trump having lit the fuse to a bomb. Hezbollah and Iran see it as the prelude to the liberation of Palestine. As for Canada: it will not move its embassy to Jerusalem.

Against this cacophony, Netanyahu urges Israel to make its move against Iran, while Russia, Syria and Chinese special forces team up to fight “terrorists” in Syria, after Moscow has declared terrorists have been completely mopped up from Syria. Nothing is what it seems.

To top things off, Iran has warned the US to leave Syria or all hell would be unleashed, and Abbas declared that the US no longer qualifies as mediator in the Middle East Peace process.