Jerusalem in the cross-hairs

It’s becoming increasingly evident that either the Jewish lobby or the Christians (or both) pushed Trump to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Both groups stand to benefit. The Jews will accelerate the final confrontation between Iran and Israel, with the US to do the brunt of the heavy lifting, and the Christians can propel their eschatology further leading to the Second Coming of the Messiah.

Hezbollah has declared the taking of Jerusalem the topmost priority of the Arab world. Putin declared the Middle East peace talks over. Erdogan now blames Trump along with Israel for all the bloodshed that will follow. Egypt, wisely stated that a determination of Jerusalem’s status can only be the purview of international law. Iran, meanwhile, has vowed to defend Hamas, and the Syrian army continues to discover US-NATO-Israeli-made weapons in abandoned ISIL strongholds. The Malaysian Army, of all players, said it’s ready to do its part to help the Palestinians. Who will be next?

The added development of joint Russia-Chinese air drills should leave no doubt as to which camp China is on should Armageddon erupt in the Middle East. China already has elite forces in Syria to ensure the oil is not wasted on usurpers. Iran will be backed by both Russia and China, and since Russia and China are expected to back North Korea, expect also North Korea to back Iran. There have already been exchanges between Iran and DPRK. In typical gaslighting M-O, Zionists in Canada are playing the victim card, claiming they were battered and maimed in a peaceful Palestinian rally. It’s this kind of satanic chutzpah that the world has grown sick and tired of, as it enters an age of truth, reconciliation and transparency.

And now that the EU has decided to not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, we can be certain that should Israel begin to topple, it will exercise its Sampson option on European nations. It’s perhaps for this reason, that Trump caved into pressure. The last thing he needs is pre-positioned Israeli nukes detonating in the US mainland. And what will the Orthodox Jewish group, the Neturei Karta, that regularly burns the Israeli flag face?

Finally, to add fuel to the fire, a 1930 postcard, purportedly written by none other than Golda Meir, is addressed to a party living in Palestine.

Screen shot 2017-12-11 at 1.51.28 PM

And how is Trump faring, you might ask. The Pentagon has decided to ignore the Commander in Chief’s orders and simply allow transgender recruits. The women who accused him of inappropriate behavior are back on the circus for round two. And only 35% of Americans like the GOP tax package. That’s a good week for Trump.

Merry Christmas, everyone!