Trump Report Card * Especially Egregious Infractions

If I could promise you zero taxes for the rest of your life would you agree to having all you freedoms retracted and repealed? That means: the state can take your property, the state can survey your every move, the state can put you in jail without a trial, the state can kill you without a trial, the state will ignore your every petition, the state will make you think you are being heard, when you are not. If you answered “yes” you are a douchebag American who needs to be hauled out at the earliest.

If Trump’s performance doesn’t scare you by now – and I couldn’t give a rat’s ass if you’re libertarian, liberal or conservative – then you are well on your way to being completely cooked like the proverbial frog.  America IS the de facto Police Force of the New World Order. Don’t let the word “National” in Trump’s National Security Strategy dupe you into thinking this is about America First, when 44,000 troops (and counting) are deployed around the globe as we speak in over 800 military bases. You are a chump, a fool, and a mesmerized zombie.

You want your country back? You want you freedoms back? Then start thinking in terms of you (the Employer) holding the elected agents (Trump & Congress) accountable with polygraphs and citizens two-way portals. You need to seriously think about an eRepublic, an eDemocracy (call it what you want) where your vote counts, not the vote of special interests or foreign powers. You need to seriously start thinking out of the box like a Founding Father of America 2.0. Start here.

Trump is no Washington or Jackson – both of them actually fought for the country, and Jackson actually routed the unaccountable central bank (the Second Bank of the US).