TRUMP REPORT CARD & The End of Gaslighting

Let’s start 2018 with the requisite updated Trump Report Card and follow with my views on how gaslighting is used on Americans:


In back rooms behind closed doors, hid from public view, serpentine creatures with mendacious tongues are scheming to assimilate America into the New World Order. Any rational person with two ounces of grey matter after analyzing what was unleashed on 9/11 by a cabal who controls Washington and Wall Street must know by now that presidential speeches are nothing more than well-oiled propaganda pieces designed to prod the sheeple.

The litmus test is, and will always be, 9/11. Any time a President perpetuates the LIE that 9/11 was the work of terrorists holed-up in Afghanistan caves, you instinctively come to two conclusions: the President has been co-opted, and, anything that streams from his lips following such a remark is pure snake-oil. And Trump has, on more than one occasion, perpetuated the LIE. And, anyone who has not invested one hundred hours – at a minimum – in investigating 9/11 has no standing in this debate.

Trump’s campaign promises of re-opening 9/11 by examining the 28 pages that implicate Saudi Arabia might be a faint memory in the public’s consciousness – but not mine. Thus, Americans continue to be gaslighted. When the President speaks of expanding our military to project fear in our enemies around the globe, this kind of veiled bellicose militarism should be translated as interventionism and has nothing to do with protecting America’s “interests” – another word pregnant with connotations.

Our “interests” could mean anything from pillaging and plundering resources in far away places (Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Iran & Libya come to mind) to bringing into submission foreign powers that might at some future point in time compete for those same resources. The agenda, you will notice, is always couched in patriotic rhetoric rife with knee-jerk reaction calls for clapping in a demonstration of assent and support from the target audience. Within the well-rehearsed patriotic sound bites in the mix are thrown enigmatic, cryptic phrases like “the American people are tired of fighting and not winning”. This statement translates to: “we will keep on fighting until we win” – and, in reality, there is no plan to win, only to perpetuate the endless war on terror. Our “interests” definitely revolve around Israel. Here’s a glimpse at Congress giving Netanyahu 29 standing ovations for a total of 17 minutes of applause – a Record!

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>I edited <a href=”;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>#Netanyahu</a>’s speech to Congress to include only the applause, there was 17 minutes of it. First one to stop clapping is an anti-semite. <a href=”;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>#Jerusalem</a&gt; <a href=”;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>#JerusalemEmbassy</a&gt; <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; Partisangirl ūüáłūüáĺ (@Partisangirl) <a href=””>January 1, 2018</a></blockquote>

Essentially, the sheeple are being led to the slaughterhouse with their complete consent as they clap along with beaming smiles.

The speeches are crafted by writers who have consulted with the deep state, and have mastered the fine art of persuasion – I was in marketing for 22 years, I have some standing on the topic.¬† This is evident in Trump’s flip-flopping on key foreign policy issues. The methodology is tried and true and originated with Edward Bernays, the father of public relations, who popularized smoking by branding cigarettes as “torches of freedom” to attract feminists.

See if you can spot the gaslighting in this video:

Another example of gaslighting is when Trump spoke these well-crafted, decisively targeted words: “I am not running to be President of the World”. More evidence that even during the election the gaslighting had begun at the behest of the NWO, possibly Kissinger, the front man. Because now, we are hearing Trump talk about Global Asset Forfeiture, a mandate to end slavery world-wide, and a call for regime change in Iran.


What if Germany or England called for regime change in the USA, or any other country for that matter, how would that go over?

Another example of gaslighting is Trump saying in public that he would not benefit from the new Tax Bill. Of course, that’s another lie. The Corporate rate has dropped from 35% to 21%, the carried interest provisions are still intact, and estate tax laws favor Trump’s children now more than ever.

Another more subtle form of gaslighting is the sudden hate towards whites. The natural knee-jerk reaction is to ask “why now, why whites, does that include Jews?”. That’s intended to trigger a defense mechanism towards whites, and since Trump is white, he benefits from the defense response.

In other words, the antithesis is first presented as the abhorrent, unthinkable alternative to condition our minds that Trump would never ever in a million years “go there”, and then when he does exactly what he vowed he would never do, cognitive dissonance rules out the unthinkable and accepts the lie.

A typical gaslighting moment was George Bush stating: “You are either with us or you are with the terrorists”.

But, you say, “the stockmarket is booming, job numbers are up, unemployment is down, what more do you want?”

[You neglect to mention the record number of people out of the labor force, due to more boomers retiring.]

And I say, this is a typical reaction of someone who has been gaslighted. The thought that the President of the USA could possibly NOT be acting in the best interests of the American people simply can’t compute. Here’s what I want:

I want non-interventionism, truth, transparency, accountability, closure on 9/11, justice meted out on the Clintons, investigations in the TAARP funds kickbacks. And I want the executive, the Cabinet and Congress polygraphed. I want an end to the Kabuki Theater. The American People are no longer going to be prodded like dumb sheep. I will do my utmost to ensure they are no longer led by carnies the likes of Trump into gaslighting chambers.

If you are content with a meager tax reduction (that will accrue $1.3 Trillion to the debt) and the purported higher job numbers as a fair exchange for further militarism that will only raise the debt and enrich the military-industrial-media-congressional complex, then you are a globalist, not an American. If you are content with illusionary upswings in the market created by  central bank priming that benefit only 10% of the population with a 401(k), in exchange for NSA spying on Americans, the NDAA, the Patriot act, asset forfeiture, warrant-less searches, dual citizens in government, a foreign owned central bank that will loan you money created out of thin air and expect you to repay the principal with interest, you have no standing in America. Move out. That goes double for the mainstream media. If you are a shareholder of defense stock, that means only one thing: you want more wars that will propel your stock higher. If you own one of these stocks you are the masked enemy of the American people:

Boeing Company (The) (BA) (World’s largest aerospace company; commercial jetliners; defense, drones, space and security systems)

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 2.12.43 PM


General Dynamics Corporation (GD) (Jet aircraft, combat vehicles, communication systems, cyber security, information technology systems, mission support services, munitions, shipbuilding, submarines and weapons systems)

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 1.38.30 PM

Harris Corporation (HRS) (Military and commercial markets: communications and information systems; tactical radios; network solutions for air traffic control and systems)

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 1.40.15 PM

Honeywell International Inc. (HON)  (Aerospace products and services for commercial and military markets: turbochargers; performance materials; sensing and security technologies)

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 1.45.28 PM


L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc. (LLL) (Aerospace products and services for commercial and military markets; communication and electronic systems)

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 1.47.35 PM

Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMT) (Aeronautical research, IT services, the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, naval systems, PAC-3 Missiles, satellites (commercial and government), space launch, strategic missiles, systems integration, training, tactical aircraft and the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System)

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 1.50.01 PM

Northrop Grumman Corporation (NOC) (Cyber security, command and control, communications, intelligence, logistics, reconnaissance, strike aircraft, surveillance, unmanned systems)

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 1.51.44 PM

Raytheon Company (RTN) (Aerospace products and services for commercial and military markets: integrated defense systems, cybersecurity, missile systems, space and airborne systems)

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 2.17.19 PM




Rockwell Collins, Inc. (COL) (Aerospace commercial and military markets: cabin electronics, communication systems, displays & surveillance systems, flight-deck avionics, mission communications, navigation and simulation and training solutions)

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 2.14.46 PM



Textron Inc. (TXT) (Industrial conglomerate: helicopters, aircraft manufacturing; transportation vehicles for golf courses, industrial and electrical tools)


Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 1.58.44 PM

Transdigm Group Incorporated (TDG) (Aerospace commercial and military markets: components, security systems and subsystems, displays, audio systems)

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 2.01.41 PM

United Technologies Corporation (UTX) (Conglomerate: aircraft engines, helicopters, HVAC, and other industrial products)

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 2.03.50 PM

I wish to know how many in Congress and the Cabinet own shares in these companies. Polygraph them – all of them. During the Iraqi war, over 150,000 private contractors were retained. It’s easy to see how wars benefit the few, while caskets with war-torn bodies impoverish the many.

Added to this dystopia is the perpetual creation of new enemies – because what would life be like for warmongers without enemies?

Fueled by a Zionist block eager to blackmail US politicians into voting for wars (notice I did not say Jewish block), and you can see how the USA is the dispensable mistress, the shiksa that deserves everything that befalls her, because she and her population are but dispensable commodities that serve only Zionist interests. JFK tried to break loose. They nailed him.

If we are going to implement asset forfeiture on a global scale, then let the International Courts decide who ranks first in human rights abuses. The US is in no position to call out other countries for human rights infractions when it supports apartheid policies and regime change while preaching non-interventionism.

There is a ray of hope. It’s time for a new Republic, an eRepublic, where the citizens have oversight over their elected servants.¬† You are either for Freedom or for the Status Quo. My mission is to end gaslighting and restore the Republic with

Join us. You’ll have a happier new year.