Whose Fake News to believe?

There is no reason to take Trump at his word. There never was there will never be.  I admit it, I was duped into supporting him. But Hillary was a non-starter.

As the layers are pulled backed, what we are witnessing is much of the same old puppet theater that is meant to distract the masses from the agenda that really matters: enriching the 1% through wars for profit. All else is window dressing. That includes tax reform (which again saw major flip flops by Trump), immigration reform, and Constitutional reform.

The potpourri of media alleging to be bastions of truth are nothing more than escape vents for the frustrations of the masses:


You see, the masses need vicarious voices to vent for them so the system doesn’t explode. But no real solutions are ever offered, on purpose, like direct democracy for example (usadirectdemocracy.com), where the People can have final say.

We can thank Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch for badgering the DOJ, the State Department and the FBI in releasing sensitive documents that give us the TRUTH.  We also have WikiLeaks to thank.

Here is another excellent look at (compromised) Trump’s flip flops: http://yournewswire.com/wikileaks-gop-democrats-snake/

A citizens duty is to hold a President’s feet to the fire, not kiss his ass.