WALL for a Bankrupt Nation

People are livid that the Government shut down. All those people on furlough! What no one cares to discuss is that the US is bankrupt. It can’t cover its nut every month. This is why the can is kicked down the road as it is forced to borrow more money which adds up to the national debt. It has nothing to do with illegal immigration, the Wall or the price of tea in China.

The distorted logic by some people implies that if only DACA was (or wasn’t) granted amnesty everything would be fixed. The monolithic government would resume operations unimpeded. But the can has been kicked down the road for years. This is not something new that just popped out of nowhere because of DACA. Now, when you have a bankrupt nation that needs to borrow to make the interest payments on loans it borrowed from a foreign-controlled central bank that can create money out of thin air you need to ask yourself this question: in the final analysis who benefits from this arrangement? It certainly isn’t the People of the United States. It most definitely is the shareholders of the foreign-controlled bank.

Shouldn’t we be discussing the shutdown of the foreign-owned central bank? I mean if Trump has Andrew Jackson’s picture in his oval office as a reminder that Jackson shut down the 2nd US Bank, the equivalent of today’s Rothschild-controlled central bank, shouldn’t Trump – who bears no resemblance to the warrior Jackson – be Tweeting about closing down the Fed, instead of the government shut down? Doesn’t this make more sense?

And now, for you staunch Trump supporters who think he walks on water – and I once supported him because Hillary was not an option – ask yourself this question when you are having dinner with your family or by your lonesome: if the government can’t pay its bills and must shutdown or borrow more money a) how will it find money to build the Wall, and b) how will it find the money to rebuild the infrastructure that Trump promised?

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to conclude that much of what has been promised is simply pie-in-the-sky. But you say: Trump brought back jobs, 2,000,000 of them.

When you are dealing with me you need to be more accurate. The number is actually 2,055,000 jobs. Check the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And if you do some more research you will discover the job creation has been going on for some time, since 2015 there have been jobs created – and I’m not an Obama holdover. I believe he should be tried for treason. In fact you will find that in 2015 there were more jobs created than in 2016, which year saw more jobs created than in 2017. So in reality the job creation trend is slopping downwards.

So you bounce back with how the stock market has soared in the first year.  You are talking to a former stock broker who also watches other indices like the Baltic Dry Index, Housing Starts, etc, and knows that for the past 24 months credit card spending has outpaced household income, only about 10% of Americans own 401(k)s, 11% of Americans own less stock now than they did in 2008, and public pension funds are in the dumpster. So can the market be going up with no end in sight? What is causing the buying? Central Banks that can print money out of thin air. That’s how the market is pumped. Meanwhile the Baltic Dry Index which reached a peak in July of 2008 at 11,600 dove to 670 in December of 2008 and is now hovering around 1,200.  This index measures the price of hauling goods by Capesized ocean freighters.  The greater the demand for ocean freighters the costlier it is.

I suggest you start looking at the world not from Trump’s perspective, but from the international bankers’ perspective who use nations like pawns to achieve their nefarious ends. You need to wake up America.