IDLIB: The Smoking Gun

There seems to be this perception that anytime the US launches a military operation it is to ‘liberate oppressed’ people and ‘spread democracy’.

Let’s not forget that there are 3 Generals in the White House, and that Trump has given Generals a blank check to take necessary actions that will protect our ‘national interests’.

What is happening at Idlib should provide all the proof to make the case that wars are a racket to enrich the arms manufacturers, who represent the biggest donor class in control of US foreign policy. Turkey is using Idlib to launch aerial attacks on the Kurds, while the US uses it to arm the Kurds.

The US is arming Turkey (a NATO nation gone rogue, since it is not under attack) that is fighting the Kurds – not within Turkey’s borders – but within Syria’s borders, while ISIS (paid mercenaries) are being armed by the US to topple Assad. And who gave Trump the orders to topple Assad? Was it the American People? Is Assad threatening to attack the US?

Israel, of course, wants Iran out of Syria and in order to do that big brother – the US – to do the dirty work. And if Saudi Arabia wants immunity from US aggression – especially given the US dollar’s very tenuous position on the international markets – then it must toe the line and invest blood and treasure in protecting Israel from Iran. This is why Trump called the new King of Saudi Arabia “our man”.  Let’s not discount Israel sharing intelligence with Saudi Arabia.

Saddam Hussein was also armed by the US when he was still perceived as a useful dictator. Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11. The purported terrorists possessed Saudi passports. One would think that the US would attack Saudi Arabia, but that would be messy since the Saudis promise to trade oil in US dollars (the petrol-dollar). The last thing the US needs is the value of its dollar to deflate. Saddam’s crime was his announcement to start trading oil in Euro’s. This was considered to be his only weapon of mass destruction, which required his removal. After his military apparatus was all but extinguished, the US stepped in again to arm the newly formed Iraqi government. Again a win-win for the military industrial complex.

Ron Paul discusses the Idlib fiasco in greater detail here.

I would not be surprised if Trump, after having armed SA to the teeth, to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars (to the delight of the military industrial complex), and after the pertol-dollar takes a dive, he doesn’t release the cryptic 28 pages that incriminate Saudi Arabia in 9/11, and declare war on Saudi Arabia. Iraq revisited. Only this time, the US takes over the oil fields. This is the kind of long-term planning only the most conniving of think-tanks could envision.

The Saudi purge only exacerbates the King’s headaches. The billions of dollars he has extorted from billionaires deemed to be potential threats to his regime, will come back to haunt him. Mercenaries fight for the highest bidder. So far, Saudi has been paying his hothead nationals (who would otherwise be on the unemployment rolls, because they lack both an education and marketable skills) to work as mercenaries in the fight to topple Syria’s Assad. But what happens when the jilted Saudi billionaires begin funding their own mercenary forces? Saudis have a revenge streak that runs deeper than the Grand Canyon.

And what happens when Russia begins reacting to the US permanent presence in Syria? Is Russia waiting for the petrol-dollar to implode and for US hegemony to crack before it strikes? And what is China waiting for? Probably to mop-up after the great powers have gone at it.

The military industrial complex always win. Conflict and regional destabilization in the Middle East with mercenary factions fighting each other is good for business. This video makes the point.