The Mind Map

This soup of tropes, cabals and conspiracies is what is referred to the great and Abominable Church, which will be destroyed at the coming for the Messiah (for the Jews) and the Second Coming of the Lord (for the Christians).

Lucifer has, by subterfuge and terror, been planning to usher in his own Luciferian age. To ensure he wins the battle, he has hedged his bets on multiple fronts, similarly to a craps-shooter hedging his bets.

Most notable is the ‘left’s’ proclivity to never admit wrongdoing. At all costs, they must deny, deflect, and distract. We are witnessing it with the illegal framing of a US President. [Not that I am enamored by Trump]. The non-duality ethos that all actions are admissible as long as they serve a higher purpose, this ideology that right and wrong actions have no bearing on the end game is the Luciferian credo that defies the universal laws of Karma, justice, mercy, crime and punishment. It is this helter-skelter, Alinsky kind of nihilism, where all that matters is the resistance to truth that is embodied by the socialist ‘left’ and, to some degree, by the capitalist ‘right’.

Capitalism does have its flaws. It divides the field between losers and winners. It is a survival of the fittest ideology that has no place for losers. Displaced workers is simply part and parcel of the capitalist system.

On the other hand, socialism robs people of creativity and risk-taking. It shelters and cocoons people from any kind of adversity. The option to fail, learn from one’s failures, re-tool and carry on do not figure in socialism. The sting of pain is eliminated, and so is the opportunity to learn from experience.

The middle-ground is hard to find. And Lucifer plays on that. When the Messiah returns we should be introduced to a new economy that allows both for personal growth and for safety nets. It has been said that Enoch’s society had no poor. Their evolved social order was not a function of material possessions, but of inner transformation, and their ability to feel with their hearts the plight of others. In the final analysis, it’s the inner transformation, not the outer circumstances, that matter.

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