By now, you must have heard that Trumpolicious stated that the purpose of the US military in Syria is to take down ISIS. RT is one outlet that can be trusted, and we presume they have vetted the story.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. The US military is not in Syria to defeat ISIS. In fact, the US and Israel have been consistently arming and funding ISIS, even nursing ISIS fighters in Israeli hospitals. The American people are, once again, being duped into a matrix of lies, just as they were with 9/11. If they can lie about that, they can lie about anything.

The real reason the US military is in Syria is to commit ethnic cleansing with collateral damage in indiscriminate bombings, and do so at the behest of Israel. The other reason US forces are digging into Syria is to depose Assad, according to Tillerson.

Did Trump not promise in his campaign to end interventionism, regime change and bring the troops back?

Is not the duty of every citizen to hold a President’s feet to the fire, to hold him to his promises? Yes or no? So why aren’t Americans storming the White House protesting these wars of aggression? What are we doing in Somalia, Niger, Yemen, Afghanistan?

Why are Americans kissing this President’s lard butt? When in the hell are we going to take our country back? Where is your outrage? Why are you allowing yourself to be distracted with mass shootings, crisis actors and miscreant sheriffs who wouldn’t know how to save their own mother? Why do you not protest warrant-less searches or asset forfeiture? Why are you not demanding answers to 9/11?

Why are people without security clearances, like Jared Kushner, privy to classified intelligence? What happened to the rule of law and protocols?

Why do you keep buying this false duality of right and left, when the national debt keeps going through the roof and wars keep raging, no matter what party is in power? Why aren’t you demanding election reform? Why isn’t anyone being indicted from the Clinton-Comey camp? What deals have they cut with this administration? Why don’t you demand these people be polygraphed, at the very least? Because with these criminals your Silence is your Consent. Bank on it.

And you have the nerve to post pro-Trump Tweets, like he was your God! Shame on you! His oath was to protect, preserve and defend the Constitution, and he has FAILED!

This is America!!!! Not a Banana Republic!!!!!

Maybe when they haul your dead son or nephew from Syria you will wake up.