Drums of War

Every major war was presaged by a period of bellicose intransigence and demonization of the enemy. The “yellow press”, as it was called in McKinley’s days, ensured that the American public supported a war on Spain. From there, it was up to Teddy Roosevelt’s ambition to project power that transformed America into the police force of the world.

Today, a hundred years later, we are being bombarded with this notion that war is the only moral imperative. There are many others who share my outrage at the morally bankrupt leadership that is spreading the war virus. Ed Curtin makes a compelling case.

What if the people of the world could decide on whether to go to war or not? Instead of the well-paid and well-fed bribed and blackmailed politicians having the final word, imagine if the people of say, the United States, could log into their citizen account (yet to be created) and make their will known.

Taking it a step further, imagine if the people could recall, impeach, decommission  political leaders who went against the people’s will? There would be no more wars.

Fantasy? Not in an age where transparency is replacing the Hegelian Dialectic as the coin of the realm. The old formula of action-reaction-solution is no longer working – not when independent journalism is replacing the presstitutes. People are no longer buying the official narrative. For example, over 80% of American now believe they were lied to about 9/11. An increasing percentage know who facilitated 9/11. And this is just the American public.

China, Russia, Iran and Europe know precisely who was behind 9/11.

War is the ultimate distraction for the miscreants who use nations like toilet paper to advance their agenda, and none do it better than Ziocons – a mixture of inbred Khazarians with the refinement of a badly scripted Mel Brooks movie.  Their slap-stick humor is as badly executed as their war plans.

All references to Judeo-Christian eschatology aside, the signs are all around us. When glamor is used for diplomacy …

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 12.10.23 PM

… when sanctions (by a state that is actively destabilizing numerous regions around the world) are used to punish non-compliant countries, when inordinate projection of force is located at the borders of enemies, know that we are months, if not weeks away from all-out war.